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There is nothing worse than a harlot turned respectable. A reformed anything is bad enough, but a reformed harlot is the direct wrath of the Devil.

Training for marathon - no alcohol since end of March...8-(

Congrats Tone. You're a man among men and a better man than I. Enjoy a tall water. On me.

I don't get it?

Tony T: Dry for 6 years and counting.

Melbourne FC: Dry for 45 years and counting.

When I first gave up the piss I made an airy-fairy, non-binding, commitment-free commitment that I might have a drink when Melbourne won a flag.

At this rate, by the time Melbourne win a flag, I won't be looking for a beer, I'll be looking for the good old days, as shown on Star Trek and Futurama.

I was tempted by your suggestion T, but after a session in the room of mirrors, decided to give it a swerve.

More power to those that can do it though. I'm raising an ice-cold water to you at lunch.

Well, at least you can say you resisted temptation.

If the Saints go through the season undefeated, I'll never drink again.

If they don't, I'll say the same statement after every single hangover henceforth.

(I might just modify that first sentence to "if we beat the Cats")

One very good reason to never purchase alcohol, is to deprive the govt of the whacking great EXCISE included in the price.
The whacking great EXCISE which was exempt from becoming the 10% GST on everything else.

Onya Tone.

I like a drink now and again.

Just sayin'.

Geez Tony... I sure sure hope you don't discover religion next year.

Dontcha miss the sessions with Frankie and me though??


You know what they say: "If you can remember those sessions, you weren't there."

Errr.. what sessions are we talking about again??

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