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In point of fact (excuse me for slipping in to commentator/pundit speak), I can even remember where I was when I heard the exchange: driving north on the Tullamarine Freeway, approaching the Pascoe Vale Road turnoff.

Evans, now a wedding celebrant and brekkie host at Shepparton's 3SR. An Aussie TV and radio journeyman for certain. And Demons man of course.

Bill Collins richly deserve a Hall Of Fame induction / award. They should somehow let us know exactly when that bit will be on, so I can just watch that and not all the other dross.

It's something of a recurring motif in the Australian media: there's that famous clip of Tony Charlton interviewing the mother of Alan Rudkin, a challenger for Lionel Rose's World Bantamweight boxing title in 1969. The interview was not going well. Wrong Mrs Rudkin, as it turned out.

Greg Evans, of the dating show with the cardboard robot? Bloody hell, there's an 80's memory.

If radio ever get worried about mistaken identities they ought to get Nick Maxwell (the Collingwood captain) to do the interviews. He calls EVERYONE "mate".

About the only time I listened to pop music on the radio was in the 70s on 3XY. Greg Evans was their main man (as far as I remember).

The other day he was on some sort of chat telly with BJB and Turps.

Why am I such a tool what was I arguing about?

Was tempted to make mention of your luminous contributions, but in the end I hoped you would spot them for yourself.

After all, they pale next to your stunning debut comment.

it's virutally impossible to ignore those gelded lilies...
there's no need to geld the lily, or gild it either.

Gelded lilies was my soft option. Gelded lowlies sounded a bit master-race.

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