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Mitchell's Wikipedia entry was hacked into a couple of weeks ago. His radio career was reduced to a few lines including something like "Wherever there's an issue of concern to Victorians, Neil Mitchell's big mouth and fat guts are never far away." His many failed attempts at TV were lovingly detailed over about ten paragraphs.

An Age journo asked Barry Humphries for a response to criticism of him by Mitchell and said "Good Lord, I haven't listened to 3AW since 1948. But it's just gorgeous that you think I should have heard of this Neil Mitchell."

Wish I had a screen-shot of that.

Whenever Mitchell drools a pompous "We are doing this for you, Melbourne" I cringe and my guts turn to custard.

Sometimes his first half hour (less the ads) is worth a listen, but the next three hours are dross.

The unasked question is why the pompous windbag didn't renew his membership in the first place. Shouldn't have needed a phone call from a player, either.

Are we going to lose by 200 points today? I feel like one way or another I'm going to be witness to history. Being 70-0 down in the second quarter last year was one thing, but even though we're undoubtedly better than last year I think they are too. Could be bowling shoe ugly.

Don't think we're good enough to avoid it anyway, but am I a sick human being for not wanting the priority pick? It's partly lack of faith in our recruiting (Sylvia pick 3? Humorous!) but mostly some sort of misguided belief that you shouldn't be proud of being absymal. It's like we're some bottom of the harbour scheme trying to dodge tax before revealing an entirely new identity in a couple of years. I'd rather be mediocre than cheats - that's got to be wrong.

On the other hand Watts was good for Casey today. But then again so was Newton so how much faith do you put in it?


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