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What do you think about Chookgate? I didn't find the video offensive (the soundtrack was questionable - but I hardly think castigating the Kangaroos for the excesses of American rappers is the way to go).

On the version I saw the camerawork was dreadful.

There is an enormous discrepancy on my official Offence vs Outcry Ratio.

Childish: tick.

Unfunny: tick.

Stupidheads: tick.

Professional Outragists out in force: TICK!

Amen to that. I find it hard to believe it is overshadowing Nathan Bock!

Transgressing to digressing is making real progressing, I think.

See 92% of our list in six weeks if that's the case.

Lifetime suspension for key forwards who don't a shot when within 40 metres.

Two thumbs up, well done!

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