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Poibly jut an honet mitake.

A recent descant on the decent descent?

Hopefully they'll recant on this recent decency.

You should be cited for Indescant Exposure.

Well spotted -- "performed" should really be spelled as it is now pronounced in Australian English, viz. "preformed" -- you can hear this linguistic preformance on most sportscasts, but also on "So you think you can dance" -- which all you guys should be watching.

Mark Allen, the bloke what pundicates the glof on SEN, is relentlessly castigated for his pre-dilection for pre-formed.

Tony T, is glof the game where you use a culb to hit a blla into a hloe?

Indeed it is. Not to be confused with toofy.

More cross words. This weak's dictionary crossword: 17 Down is missing an 's' after the first word; what's with 9 Down the answer seems to be 'bandit' but why? Or perhaps the answer is 'pandit' but I don't think Ned knew any Vedas off by heart.

Martin: Finally got around to it last night.

Yep, agree. "Teacher" needs to be "teachers" to become HECTARES.

No idea about BANDIT. Will post it over at DA Trippers. The cruciverbalists there should be able to light some shed.

I saw the post over at DA Trippers and I guess that is the correct analysis but hardly satisfying.

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