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I'm guessing the transcript was given by telephone and poor diction.
My favourite US Infantry movie is KELLY's HEROES - Don Rickles running the Black market, Don Sutherland and his Leopard Tank - "hey there's some beautiful people out there". Hippy trippy indeed.

Your link has had an effect though:
"Up 3% in popularity this week. See why on IMDbPro."

A sergeant in charge of stores and supplies and keeping inventory of said supplies is a Staff Sergeant. So I thought there might have been a case for a get-out-of-jail.

But I don't think the US Armed Forces has such a rank.

At school cadets the Staff Sergeant was always a propeller head. Used to irk me. Coolest looking rank by a mile. Triple chevron AND a crown. Yes baby, yes!

Saw a documentary on Sam Fuller. Forgotten its name but it should have been called Quentin Tarantino has a Massive Woody for Sam Fuller.

90% of it was scenes of Quentin raving about Sam, dissecting his movies, telling us what a legend he is, what a travesty that he's not up there with the greats. And man, is QT a good salesman or what. He is one enthusiastic man, I was completely sold.

Also had bits of Sam reminiscing about his WWII days as a General Inventoryman. Great doco.

Is that the documentary by Jim Jarmusch? Fuller and Jim sitting around South American swamps rambling about fillum.

Coincidentally, I just saw Jarmusch fave John Lurie popped up in Oz.

??? Not sure. There was a lot of Quentin Tarantino in the one I remember.

Unless it was a film of QT watching the doco, splicing to bits about QT explaining the bits Jim Jarmusch and Sam Fuller were talking about.



I mean, yes.

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