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I watched the first episode a few weeks ago, wasn't overly sold but this isn't the first recommendation so I'll grab the next one and have a look..

I missed The Wire during it's original run as it was on during HBO's "Golden Age" (2000-2006) and frankly I didn't have enough time to watch everything!! There was just a gluttony of great shows on that channel at the time - The Wire, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Sex and the City (for my lady), Oz, Deadwood....Cathouse: The Series.

After the celebration that was the end of The Wire series and an endless stream of "this is the greatest TV show of all time" reviews I felt I just had to watch it.

Not. Disappointed. In. The. Least. I just finished Season 1 in 2 weeks of almost continuous viewing and am getting through Season 2 now.

I thought that The Sopranos had created the most complex "world" on TV, but that has nothing on The Wire.

What the hell happened at HBO??? They have just been putting out DRECK over the last two years. For 2000-2006 they just could not miss. Some of their new shows have almost been unwatchable - John From Cincinnati (horrible Californian "spirituality"), True Blood (Vampires???), Lucky Louie (some kind of wierd Live TV sitcom -- live TV isn't funny). It's just been an assembly line of bullshit.

John From Cincinnati: try-hard cooloid spiritual surfer wank. I lasted about three episodes.

True Blood: try-hard, teen cooloid spiritual vampire wank. I lasted about half an episode.

I loved herman's head.
even before the Bart Simpson chick sang Cry Me A River.

and The Wire?
it's only obscure, to MSM reviewers' who don't deserve the comp DVDs they receive.

Ok, downloaded and being viewed. Views to follow.

Better than Deadwood? Cripes, it must be good. Tone, have you seen The Street? Exquisite. And what is it with Foxtel with the best channel on TV -- Showcase -- they don't even include its content in the lists they send to media. And I bet they spend shiploads on marketing.

Slatts, I loved Deadwood, but I reckon it sagged in the arse end. While seasons one and two, especially season one, were very good, they were running out of steam during season three. The makers must have known it, too, which is probably why it was canned after season three. Probably cost a quid to make, too.

The Wire is definitely better than Deadwood. A lot of viewers will tell you the best season was season five, the closing season about the media and the Baltimore Sun, but I reckon the makers tried too hard to close it off. For the record: I prefer seasons one, two and three. Still, season five is certainly better than any season of Joe from Cincinnati, True Blood or Wipeout Australia.

Great show, really enjoyed it. Refreshing to see them not go for the big end of season cliffhanger. Getting my hands on Season Two tomorrow and looking forward to going nuts on it.

I still reckon the first series of Murder One was a ripper. They lost the plot in the second year, but the first one was great. Overall I'd rank The Wire higher, but for a cliffhanger finish Murder One was more than worthy.

NO Wire Cliffhangers! Ever!

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