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There's also heaps of tits

It's more interesting as an exercise in "Where are they now? Oh, there they with a ridiculous moustache/hairdo" than a drama. The only menacing thing in sight is Peter O'Brien's Richie Benaud 'do.

I know what you mean about the scratching of the tiles during the gunning -- my count, by the way was 33,478, so I think you forgot to carry a 1 somewhere. BTW I did see the bullet holes in Christopher Dale Flannery's house in real life, and a couple of rifle shots did much more damage than 3 machine guns in an enclosed space. I'm hoping to see the discovery of a bomb under Christopher's car when his wife was at the doctor's, too.
The real question is what cleaning agent was used to get rid of the gore -- and what part the family dog played in cleaning up his master's voice-box.
Roy Billing looks like he hasn't made the transition from advertising star to a real script, and Matt Newton looks like half of a Savage Garden tribute show.

By the way, given the number of breasts on display, shouldn't the geography of the tv show be changed to Abovebelly?

The sequence in the first episode when Terry is beaten up by Lennie McPherson, then walks away holding his daughter's hand: that would be Elle McPherson, right? I can't believe more isn't made about what a big time crim her dad was. It never gets a mention

Remember when Elle's dad, in his capacity as President of the Cronulla rugby club, got batshit drunk and started attacking stuff with a knife in the opposition's clubrooms?

Try finding metion of that on the internet.

I smell a vast conspiracy to have it removed from the nets. ps: His surname is Gow.

What have I told you about mixed metaphors, son?

I've quite enjoyed it, but I'd kill to have the same story told the way Blue Murder was. That was unbelievable television - and Sweet's C.D Flannery shits on the bloke they've got playing him in this one who looks like an extra from Blue Heelers.

They're going over the top with the norgs now. And it seems Newton realised that he needed to start putting on a Kiwi accent if he was going to play a New Zealander.

The accent is a step up from simply standing there trying to look hard... I mean bad... I mean tough... you know what I mean.

I missed last night's episode, and I'm pretty sure I'll drift away.

Inspired to watch Blue Murder again this afternoon. Awesome television. Would have been great if they'd dragged it out to 10 episodes.

Neddy Smith wrote a few books about that era. Him and Rog the Dodge and Abo Henry and Harvey Jones kickin' it in the "green light" days. Catch and Kill Your Own was one.

Definitely worth a read if ya spot one at a fete or bargain bin.

Don't expect James Joyce, but. Very pick-up-and-put-downable. Despite the outrageous goings on, totally believable except for the bits where he says "I didn't have anything to do with that murder."

Neddy had a genuine soft spot for Harvey. He didn't want to kill him. But Harvey was an idiot and he had to go. RIP Harvey.

The latest Robert G. Barrett book is "High noon in Nimbin", and early on there is a brief mention of a crime show being filmed in Sydney. Its title is "Gut feeling", so I suppose it's a reference to Underbelly.

I read Neddy years ago. Have been meaning to dig it out again.

Still dismayed at how pissweak the Underbelly CD Flannery is compared to the Gary Sweet "plastic hair" model. He might fire up as the episodes go on, but he just looks like a complete goose at the moment.

Interesting to see the real life characters from Blue Murder and Underbelly II on Channel 7 tonight. Seven are obviously horning in on Nine's action. I only caught the last ten minutes of Gangs of Oz: The Gangland Wars - A Tale of Three Gangs (couldn't think of a snappier title?), but there was Roger Rogerson and Abo Henry (who I thought had carked it) spruiking on the club circuit, and footage of George Freeman, Neddy Smith, Lennie McPherson (who is dead, which is no surprise since he would be 88 this year), Mick Drury, Chris Flannery (who seems to have been modelled on Imbecile Carl Williams from Underbelly I), and a pile of assorted "local faces" as Arthur Daley would say.

I know I compare a lot of shows to BM, but it really should be the touchstone for all Aussie cop/crime/caper shows.

Just picked up for 10 bucks, the DVD of The Great Bookie Robbery
(or just go to the $10 dollar CD and DVD shop in Collins Place)

While not almost as good as Blue Murder, it's still a unsawnoff shottie's length ahead of Underbelly 2. John Bach (who would have made a great Wyatt from the Gary Disher crime series), Bruno Lawrence and George Spartels in particular are fantastic and it even comes with more weird Gary Sweet hairstylings.

And one of the actual robbers was not only a consultant on the show, his house at the time was used in the penultimate showdown.

Yeah, yeah, gonna grogflog "The Money Movers" soon.

Returning to Blue Murder, Richard Roxborough should have won every award possible. I've never seen anyone else make a middle-aged and rather flabby bloke in a daggy beige cardy look and sound like the devil incarnate.

"Hello Warren."

Also worth a look is the ABC early 90's series Phoenix. More from the cops side and far less violent than BM or UB but a great depiction of the Melbourne criminal underbelly. Super performances by Sean Scully (as a forensic guy called Goose - brilliant), Simon Westaway and Paul Sonkilla amongst others. Morphed into Janus which wasn't as gripping. ABC or Foxtel need to dust Phoenix off the shelf.

Saw Westaway in the loo after a Sydney Swans game a while back and raved how great Phoenix was, he nodded and made a quick exit.....

Does anyone know how to find out which clubs Abo Henry is doing the circuit in ?

The Rooty Hill Razzle?

Be interesting to see if Underbelly 3 is game enough to deal with the Allen Gang vs Victoria Police war in the mid-eighties.

Now that was a gang war. Bombing the Police HQ, executions of young coppers in a South Yarra street, the Breakers putting half a dozen bullets into the back of someone 'resisting arrest" and a VicPol sports team spotted in T-shirts that said "Allen Gang 3. Victoria Police 7."

That's a great idea for U3, as long as someone other than Nine, Seven or Teen win the contract.

Get it on ABC or better still, get it on HBO. Just make sure HBO have got their act together again after a couple of dreadful years of try-hard shit.

Key question: Who will play Stevie Wright smacked out on Dennis Allen's couch?

see Phoenix


In fact, actually, and now that you mention it, that's a very good point. Phoenix was about that period.

The Phoenix rose from the Underbelly. (Or the other way round.)

Like Alien.

You could get lost for hours on this site surfing all the cross-links. It goes back to at least the 1950s:


It had disappeared from the interimnets for ages. I smelt a book deal or maybe some legal issues. In fact, this is the first time the link has worked for me for about a year. Front page says Christopher Hudson had a contract out on him. Hard to believe, that one.

Mentioned here where you chastised me for it being mentioned on AGB even earlier:

Freddie was killed at 4.40pm on the grey afternoon of February 6, 1958.

Harrison was being assisted by docker Bobby Hayes as he uncoupled a trailer from his Ford Customline at 13 South Wharf on the Melbourne waterfront.

A gunman walked up to Harrison and said, 'This is yours Fred', and blasted half his head away with a 12-gauge shotgun. He fired less than a metre from Harrison's head.

This happened in front of dozens of work mates. At least 30 dockies had been standing nearby working on a ship, the River Murchison, moored at the wharf.

All claimed to have seen nothing including Hayes who was covered with Harrison's blood and brains.
Pump shotty to the grille. Classy stuff.

Oh my goodness but if fair dinkum crims were the characters in Underbelly they'd make no dough at all. Inept? Golly, Daffy Duck could do better. I stopped watching after a Thommo gun (which would have needed about five reloads) fired a barrage into the bathroom and didn't chip a tile, that's right. There's good housekeeping for you! And if that wasn't enough, later on the 'little woman' (why are these dames all middle class?) is on hands and knees soaking up blood with a tiny rag. Good heavens, hasn't she heard of a floor mop? I expected an advert for Sabco in the next commercial break.
It's rubbish, the whole thing. Kane was killed in his bathroom alright, but he wasn't shot, his throat was cut. How pedestrian. Yes, but murder means gunfire. Or it ain't real. ha ha. And I'll tell you something, all these acting roughnuts with private-school consorts have done very well, in my experience some of the wives and girl friends are more dangerous than the roughnuts themselves, big with foul-mouthed threats that you'd be a fool to ignore. The blokes might forgive you, but these Lady Macbeths will want your head on a plate for sure, and there's no peace until they get it. But then, showing that would be telling the truth, and maybe the producers, etc, don't even know the truth? But who cares, it's entertainment, that's all!- a bit of fun; soap opera for the sapheads (if I may say), with a root between every commercial break.

saphead, root....pun not intended but I'll say it was.

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