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That's exactly the scene that comes to mind. Thanks, Tone.

Let's hope Reg Evans and family are okay. But on the subject of the film, I'm assuming the quotation comes from "Mad Max" -- a lovely film for those who enjoy seeing long shots of empty highways.
Hugh Keays-Byrne, the Toecutter (with a background in the Royal Shakespeare Company), is seen to much better effect in a bikie role in "Stone", a nice fillum which has the added advantage of 2 different endings, depending on which version you can get a hold of.

It must be an age thing, Prof. I saw MM when I was 17 and ripe for infusion, but was too young to (be allowed to) see Stone when it was released in 1974.

When I eventually saw it on SBS in the 1990s (accompanied by the documentary Stone Forever) I thought it was ropey.

Mark Zanotti > Bubba Zanetti

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