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They may as well have just stolen the plot from a Russ Meyer movie than pay Vidal the big bucks.

Why didn't they have the internet around 20 years ago? Pictures of Teresa Ann Savoy in a couple of minutes search. Now The Hon. Teresa Ann. I wouldn't have got out of the house in those days. Relatively speaking.

Three scenes I remember from how ever long it was I saw it. Longer than I'd care to remember.

One of his lieutenants is getting married and he decides to torture him and the bloke's acting like a pussy, all "but I've been loyal what did I ever do to you why are you doing this?" Then Caligula gets the bloke's his soon-to-be-missus down on a table and he pulls her legs apart and he's examining her smoo trying to figure out what a "virgin" is.

Then he gives her a right royal rogering in front of her soon-to-be husband. Then he kills the bloke.


And the bit where he burries one of his top generals up to his neck in the Circus Maximus or wherever it was. And there's a giant beheading machine slowly creeping along while everyone chucks eggs at the general and laff and carry on. Then when it gets near him, the general starts acting like a pussy with a stupid "oh noes I'm about to be beheaded!" look on his face and then.. PHOONK!


And that ugly fat facking Senator who said something rash to Caligula like "if I could only give my life to help you I would" so Caligula says to his guards "OK then, take this fat facker outside and kill him." And the ugly fat facker is all "b.. b.. but.." with a stupid pussy look on his face as he's getting dragged out.


Yeah. Pretty messed up movie. I was way too young to be watching that shit.

ps: Richie Beneaud = Tiberius

pppps: The bottom photo instantly reminded me of this:



anything about the fall of Rome is certainly TIMELY right now.

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