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If you "get" the heading, you are a champ. If you don't, you can get stuffed.

Absolutely superb post. Fine piece of aviation history on a fine airplane. I have one small disagreement that is regarding the second sentence. We are fine, upstanding, culturally attuned group of readers. No mob of scrabble at all.

Thanks Rob. Apparently you really know what you're talking about aerospace-wise so that's good praise there. But you should re-read it now the links are working. There's some fun videos and pics there.

"If you "get" the heading, you are a champ. If you don't, you can get stuffed."

Uhmm..., wasn't there a TV show about the Blacksheep Squadron?
The Chant of Jimmy Gov - Blacksmith?
Lady Blacksmith something?
I'm stuffed.

Black Sheep Squadron + blacksmith = Baa Baa Blacksmith.

A TV series that, IIRC, featured another rather beautiful aircraft.


Like any young lad before footy and hormones kicked in, I once had all the facts and figures about the worlds' aircraft rattling around my head ... many, many years later, practically nothing remains about the Vulcan except that it was a damned sight luckier than the Valiant - which was discovered to have wing spar cracking in the mid '60s and the whole fleet was unceremoniously scrapped - and that it was the plane that got hijacked at the beginning of Thunderball.

My brother recalls seeing a Vulcan do a flypast in Canberra in the early 80's. His ears are still ringing today.

Speaking of "Britain's nuclear defence", do you reckon there's a potential Grogflog review in The War Game?

this is your captain speaking ... Funny that Avros pop-up where I expected cricket.
Just landed after enjoying Bruthen, Vic., and the 12th Annual Blues Fest. Main street has a slightly bent Avro mounted on a plinth to commemorate Flt Lt Oborn's 1957 safe-eject from 180 kts
(or something like that)

Plaque didn't mention his musical taste, but I'm sure he liked the blues (RAAF joke).

re "the second-best-looking" -
I like Stealths for style, is your No 1 Le Concorde?

Work with me here for a moment, will youse.

When I was at boarding school back in the early seventies we used to play various card games. Mostly whist, 500, solo and canasta. But we also played a card game that didn't have cards... well, not playing cards as you know them with A,K,Q,J,10, etc. These cards had war planes and racing cars on them. Each card had five or six vital statistics of each plane/car and the object of the game was to call one of the stats on your card beat the stat of the guy who had to play next. For instance, if I called the Lockheed Sky Thunder Bomber Rapier X23 Shit Bat and said 2,109 kph and the next bloke's plane was slower, I got his card. If he had a faster plane, he got my card.

Anyone remember these cards?


The cricket's over 'ere.

"is your No 1 Le Concorde?

Non, c'est la Supermarine Spitfire.

"do you reckon there's a potential Grogflog review in The War Game?"

Shit no! Grogflog only covers classy stuff. Next up is Caligua.

Anyone remember these cards?

I reckon you're thinking of Top Trumps.

Of course! Top Trumps! That takes me back that does. To the innocent days of 'Look and Learn', 'World of Wonder' and 'Playboy' starting to show pubic hair.

Yeah, that's the game. Good get. Now that I'm prompted, we used to call it "trumps". We played it all the time, then all of a sudden we stopped playing it and I never saw them again and only just remembered them with Nabs' post.

The kid who brought the packs to school was the son of a diplomat and he got them in, I think, Germany.

ah the old Spitfires v. Messerschmidts dogfight.

Peter Isaacson a Melbourne newspaper publisher spent his life having that one.

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