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I lived on Fitzroy Street for 6 months long ago, but never saw anything as good as an old fool risking his life for some undeserving moles.

From that photo, I presume Tess will appear in Underbelly II as Alan Didak's love interest.

Ron was just living oldskool values as if they were still valid today.

I guess that makes him a dumbass. But jeez, plonker? Would anyone who knows anything – even the tiniest bit – about footy mention Barassi and plonker in the same sentence? The man is all modesty and class.

Like the old Parisian in, um, Paris who tried to stop some Moroccan louts breaking parking machines for their contents who almost got a screwdriver thru the heart for his trouble. I read that on Tim Blair's site so it must be true.

You're right, Biggy, I take it all back.

Hay? Take what back? Didn't you just provide a link with no opinion?

You are a nigma, wrapped inside a secret, wrapped inside some Christmas wrapping.

As far as I can tell from the footage, Ron ran a loooong way to get to the melee. Or *someone* ran a long way. And he was running at a fair old pace for a 72 year old. Flat knacker, as Shaun Tait would say.

I fear I've got the protagonists and victim mixed up. I can't quite make sense of it.

Please leave me out of this.

I still take back my no opinion.

Good Samaritan=eejit
that upstanding citizen was shot dead saving a pole-dancer from her 8am crim pickup on King St Melbourne last year.
Blogger On A Cast Iron Balcony has just posted Very Astutely on Mrs.Barrassi. Well worth a visit.


Can't say I agree with Helen's post.

Yes, there have been examples numerous of footballers behaving like cockheads.

But, there have been examples way more numerous of young blokes behaving like cockheads.

The problem is not footballers per se - it's alcohol.

Wherever there are gross bad manners you can bet there is a guts full of piss.

Barass was a dick for the way he got involved in the fracas, and I'll bet you London to a brick he'd had a few. His intent was fine, just that, at 72, he should know better than to run through a crowd to get involved in someone else's scrap. Call the cops, calmly intervene, but for schmuck's sake don't charge in like a show-off teenager on cheap bourbon.

Also, if you took a cross section of all league footballers, a very great majority of them would look to do the right thing. I'd back a league footballer to keep his shit together way before I'd back a bunch of yobbos getting a skinful at the Burvale Hotel (or a bunch of Serbs/Croatians/Bosnians ate the tennis).

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