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Tick. VG.

What the hell is the root language on dem phobia words? Is there a general rule?

Coz normally I can read a foreign word [or English word for that matter] and immediately spot if it's Latin or ye olde German or whatever. But half the time these things have me beat.

Probably a bunch of uni students sitting round toking on a bong thinking of weird and wacky phobia words, as given to them to create by some bored professor. Next on the list

Fear of being a Melbourne Demons supporter.

Fear of the Aussie cricket team losing a test match.

Fear of watching the Hallmark Channel.


Pls link my blog onto your site as I've done regarding yours. I've linked your blog onto mine under the title "After Grog Blog".
thank you

Rich, this last draft has exposed another phobia: Fear of being a Melbourne Demons player.

Sanath. Consider it done. But you ought to follow my cricket blog:


Why does the phobia get to have 2 ps when sesquipedalian has just one? (though it does have one and a half peds, so that should be a consolation)

Boo, now you're just being ped-antic.

Ho. Ho.

Wanted to make a joke about foot fetishists and pedphiles but thought better of it ...

How about foot feetishists and pedestrians?

Cousins wearing #32 next season. Gaspargoodwinzantuckophobia.

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