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Sorry, I'm years behind.

tony - your maturity clearly knows no bounds.

Chandler Highway is one of my favourite bits of Melbourne. I'll bet there is no highway in the world shorter or less highway looking.

Sorry Tone I'm in the silent majority that hates when people come up on the inside of you and expect to be instantly let in. Nobody likes a queue jumper, and a lot of these sorts leave you no choice apart from letting them in begrudgingly or running them up the gutter (I don't condone but prefer the latter option)

On the other hand I let in people who have to merge from my right hand side. Wacky, no?

Examples of "left hand mergers" include Ben Cousins, Kyle Sandilands and the "Melbourne Hawks"

People who zoom in and out of the traffic, constantly trying to jag in front of cars, shit me as much as the next normal person.

Then there are those tools who are dead set determined not to let other cars in.

I wasn't speeding or driving like a loon. The squeezy driver could obviously see the parked cars and me indicating, and knew I wanted to come across, but she was, for whatever reason, determined to stop me changing lanes, rather than doing the normal thing of backing off to allow space between her and the car in front.

Haven't checked recently, but when I learned the road rules, there was no option about letting other drivers in, if they indicated correctly and didn't cut you off.

It's on page 999 under the heading Doin' the Righty.

It's a fine line between pleasure and pain. You've done it once, you can do it again. Whatever you done, don't try to explain.

**Hoon artist who leaves their run too late and needs my lane? You better believe I'm in the boot of the car in front.

**Timid clown who's just got off the boat who can't drive for sh*t who needs my lane? Of course I let them in... but with a frown on my face. That frown turns to a cross look if my benevolence leads to one or two hoons [see above] also taking advantage of the situation.

[You can tell these drivers by their heads moving left and right at whiplash-inducing speeds and the stupid and/or sh*tscared look on their faces.]

**Fat head who needs my lane but who wants to squeeze into a gap when there's, like, 600 meters of clear space BEHIND me? You better believe I'm in the boot of the car in front.

**General merging with no fat heads, hoons, or morans? One for one. Simple.

**Massive queue of traffic and some joker is leaving a petrol station and, as Adsy puts it, expects to be instantly let in? They must serve SOME penance. Seesh. This is a komplex formula known only to me and the Illuminati and a few reptilian shape changers.

OK. It's 4 cars. They must serve 4 cars penance.

Ahh, "the little game." The circle jerk of life, as I like to call it. Makes my 30 minute morning commute bearable.

A pretty fair summation, Biggy.

I always thought you were a slavering lunatic... I mean, someone once said you were... actually, they were talking about some other c...

Hey! There's three blokes: a priest, a rabbi and a jelly wrestler.

Get a car with some gumption like a BMW M3 and the road will be yours. You won't be dependent of anyone moving over. You'll be able to power your way into whatever space is available, especially against some silly Festiva. Trust me, you'll like it.

Question Mr. Aussie.....the quote at the top of the blog by Harry Hutton.....is "virutally" the way you spell "virtually" in the land down under?

Virutally is explained here.

You have to follow the comments.

Sadly, Harry has changed his Killer Facts site and deprived the world of virutal greatness.

I agree with Adsy on his list of queue jumpers and I suspect that Robert Dipierdomenico is a closet queue jumper, too.

Now, don't get me started on motorbikes....!

I'll bet there is no highway in the world shorter or less highway looking.
Sydney's Harbour Bridge is also known as the Bradfield Highway, damn short.
Get a car with some gumption like a BMW M3 and the road will be yours. You won't be dependent of anyone moving over.
I have no issues merging in my Nissan Patrol

gotta say -- that's ONE thing where the brits have it over the aussies. they are the best freeway/motorway drivers on the planet. on the approach to every incoming/merging road, it's _normal_ for the entire lefthand lane to change into the righthand lane for the duration, if anyone's approaching the main road.

mind you, they're bloody hopeless drivers apart from that. raining? better bunch up for safety...

Never had a problem merging in my Hummer. Maybe the optional gun turret helps.

As they come up the inside (check your mirrors) put your hazard lights on and start drifting left. Then stay half in your lane and half in the ending lane until it ends. Pull back into your lane, turn off the hazards and arrive at work fully satisfied with your community service for the day.

Personally hate the left hand squeezer -its just so dangerours....and been hit by one before so got it in for them now!

They really need to learn the road rules again. It's ridiculous how many people come up on the left side. However doing dangerous stuff like drifting to the left and staying half in their lane and half in yours can be deadly. Saw a motorcyclist knocked off his bike by a car trying to do that.

We pretty lucky. Have you ever tried driving in Vietnam....or India. There is no such thing as a road rule so although some people dont stick to it we are very lucky overall.

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