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There is a tavern in the town.

In the town.

And there my true love sits him down.

Methinks life in this universe is getting stranger and stranger...

Now this post is working "oldest first".

What a stupid post.

The song?

... sits him down.

I have found the paged version of the comments a pain in the proverbial. If the posts are ordered from first (earliest) to last (latest) then it would be good to have a link to the final page. There is a link already to the next page and the previous page but this just means I have to click and click and click. It's hell for those of us in dial-up land.

Have to 2nd that idea. This blog being so HUGE when it comes to cricket threads.

I have been using a kluge in the address bar. There is a /n/comments# at the end of the address where n is the page number. I over-type that with the highest known number from last time and move from there.

Would be good to have a '>Last' link there Tony.

Agree that jumping through the "nexts" is a pain. I'd like to insert a "last" or preferably a direct URL to each comment, but I don't know how, or even if you can.

Typepad mumbled something about "working on it". I hope they are.

"working on it"??

They have the number of comments and the number of comments per page. Divide and print a link. It's what, 1 line of code? It's taken me longer to describe it than it would to implement.

"It's what, 1 line of code?"

It is?

Do tell.

I'd need to see the source code before I could tell you what the line is, Tony. Presumably you don't have access to it. But if you do, email me it to me, I'll fix it forthwith.

Russ, the code is on the way via carrier email.

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