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From the link:

"If you enjoyed this title, our database also recommends ... Jarhead"

SPOILER COMMENT ALERT!! - Comments from a viewer

I expected there to be more sex scenes in a movie about sex. I didn't need to see nudity or certain body parts but I thought that the scenes they showed were way too short. I had to wait 41 minutes into the movie just to see a two minute scene of lust. It wasn't enough for me watching Sue clean her house and serve cake. I didn't watch the movie for that, I wanted what the title gave me. I suppose I shouldn't judge a movie by it's title. Especially not this movie. There were some good things in it too like how she opened up to her psychiatrist about her past. It explained a lot about the movie. I really didn't know if she was addicted to sex, I thought that she just had a sex problem but what do I know. I really expected more out of this movie and I was somewhat disappointed.

Who has the sex addiction here? Sorry for anyone that was going to tune in and expect an x-rated midday sex romp in between Seven's Morning News and All Saints.

was gonna take a sickie and watch it, but given the review, i might go to the office and watch it.

I can remember when Ivan Hutchinson and Bill Collins did the midday movies: Point Blank, Night of the Hunter, Out of the Past, many more greats.

Now the mere sighting of Seven's Midday Movie screams sh1t, filler, dross, rubbish.

Apparently David Duchovny is in sex rehab, due to being addicted to sex. The Red Shoe Diaries would make a great Midday Movie.

Or as one of my students said today: David Dutch-Oveny.

Well if David Duchovny can confess to an internet porn addiction I guess the rest of us can too!!

I mean... the rest of you.

No, I mean, wait a minute... let me rephrase that...

Damn!! How does one delete a post after making it??


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