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Well I have to say the corridor put in an stunning performance last time I walked down it. It got to work quickly by leading out from one room, and got the job done by ending up on the verge of the other room.

Thanks to the good work put in by the corridor and the rooms, my walk down the corridor was a walk in the park. Metaphorically. So to speak.

Quite true, Tim. The corridor is famous for consistently achieving the key performance criteria.

The brand (and head I guess) is sacrosanct also.

Sacrosanct: first noticed when Greg Williams caressed the umpire, and wantonly overused ever since.

The hotspot: the bit the Brand gets applied to?

Stop: to cease movement ahead of propping and delivering.

Prop: what one does after one stops, but before one delivers.

Deliver: follows immediately from the actions of stopping and propping.

The woodwork: Sam Newman's Scandinavian-themed sauna.

Lace-out: Fev on Mad Monday.

Worm-burner: Fev on Mad Monday.

Two-faced preening overexposed turd: Michael Voss.

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