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Thanks, RT.



"Virutally unintelligible to non-Australians"
~~ Harry Hutton

My get-out:

"I can only say that I reject any inference of wrongdoing."
~~ Marcus "Alibi" Einfeld

And, of course:

Fuck Nut Loose Bustard LOL
~~ A.Fan

Which, when you think about it, is more than just the sum of its constituent parts.

My personal favorite:

"When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk."

Oooooooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!

Rob: Gold!

Ads: Yeah!

What the eff is this all about? All over the place like Hutton's blog, lately.

It's arguable that many Australians would find it intelligible.

Just don't call it fake

Those two tubeys and this blog are NOTHING compared to "something cool" like Naked Candice Michelle.

Go the Storm. The Ref and Touchys are doin their best to rip this game from them but the Storm keep coming back.

It's a joke, a farce, a disgrace. C'mon Billy. Roll these QLD halfwits.

Woohooo!!! 2 minutes to go, they were done and dusted after Billy spilt the ball. Get that one up ya Wayne you big goose. Pack your gear and off to Kogarah loser town for you ya galoot.

Gee, poor old Lockyer. What's left for a legend like him...wake up on Sunday, mow the lawn, tackle a publican, take in the drapes for spring cleaning. Damn shame really. On the bright side he should be able to snaffle some good sideline tickets to watch the GF.

This thread makes me so happy I want to sing


Tone: grazie. Eli Wallach was still doing movies as recently as 3 years ago, he's now approaching 93.

Monty: Vaguely intelligible to some Americans, too. Or at least one. Namely me. Don't know about the other 300,000,000. Gotta ask them when I have time. If they understand me. Or not.

Speaking of fake. I accidentally caught a bit of Top Gear Australia. Did anyone else notice the Moke shark cage scene was 100% fake?

I guarantee you there wasn't one Noah within cooee. It was all just stock footage and epilepsy inducing quick editing. Er, and heavy breathing and bubbles sound effects. For some strange reason this really pissed me off.

Probably because of the inordinate amount of time they took to lead into the story. Only to be served up a steaming pile of fakery. Or should that be flakery?

Top Gear Australia, well I did think don't do it. But they done it any way. Three guys with 1 tenth the charisma one of the british guys. Slavish repetition of the minor parts of the British show (celebrity in [email protected] car, The Stig and others to tedious to mention). It was only the first one and I will probably give it another shot but it was sh!t. The shark stuff was the worst sharks only eat people when there hungry no need to rile 'em up with blood and feed 'em a moke. A laughable (not in a good way) to strinize the show.
Rating: One VB stubbie out of a carton.

I've hardly ever seen the Pommy one, and I didn't see the Aussie one, so I can't comment, but there is a robust debate here.

Ditto, I hardly ever see the Pommy one, Clarkson grates on me for some reason. But excuse me while I take over your blog for a tick.

WHAT A BUNCH OF ASS-KISSERS. "Yeah, I agree, Tim. You're the best, Tim." Although to be fair to the ass kissers, the amount of shiat one cops if you disagree with His Lordship in his comments section just ain't worth it. The main reason I stopped reading his blog.

How can I respect a word that Tim Blair says in future? The show was a steaming pile. The only reason I hung in there was to see if the train wreck would continue being as bad.

The shark / Moke story was THE most embarrassing, stupid, head-scratchingly bad story I've seen since... since... ever. The segue into the story was laughable contrived. AND the entire thing was fake.

Will tune in for 10 or so minutes next week if I remember.

Here's a much more honest debate:

Yes, there are the usual AKs; some of them probably DO like the show. Or think they do.

But the reason I linked is because there are plenty of commenters who think the show is shit.

No need to explain yourself to me. You're the best, Tone.

But to be honest, I thought the reason you linked to Tim Blair was that was the first such thread you noticed, and that you COULDN'T BE ASSED Googling and checking a dozen other blogs.

As Bill Lawry is wont to say, and rightly so.

It WAS the first thread I noticed, but google-wise, it's less "couldn't be assed" and more "didn't think of it".

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