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Whoever put together Meet GC needs to Meet Sub-Editor.

And they are just silly enough to allow all of us to make up our own nickname for the club since they didn't pick one. So let's put some out there... I'll start:
the Sirrrrphers (pronounced with emphasis on purrring softly).

Yep, pretty gay:
Meet 'GC'
Like Superman, GC's a split personality... Personality: The Iron man with a heart of gold.... Back Story: During the week, Gazza is a Surf-Lifesaver, a clubbie and a patriotic Queenslander, born and bred on the Gold Coast. ... But like all great Super-Heroes, he has a powerful alter-ego - Revealed when he strips down to his Ironman togs and becomes the footy freak 'GC'... Signature Move: 'The Broadbeach Body Slam', where GC dives on his opponent and buries them inot the sand like he was diving for the baton in a beach sprint.... Likes: The Gold Coast Football club, saving lives, long walks on the beach, his paddle board and bending barefoot bananas from the boundary line.

Rob: The reason they have a rubbish mascot, rubbish colours and DON'T have a nickname is so that it makes it easier to, down the track, relocate a Melb club. Or so the conspiracy goes.

Tim: Remiss of you to forget "GC is moving into the northern end of Mascot Manor, sharing the poolside room with Bernie 'Gabba' Vegas and Syd 'Swannie' Skilton. (Rumour has it that Swannie is not happy with the new arrangements and ;may move into a new room with a mysterious new mascot from Western Sydney."


Amazed no one has come up with "Gazza strip".

Let me get this straight (excuse the term): AFL fans are complaining about the gay image of AFL????

Initially reminded me of Gerald McBoing-Boing era animation.


Certainly didn't remind me of Gazza.

Paul Gascoigne that is.

How is any surf lifesaver mascot supposed to be gay? Aren't they usually the ones punching lebos in the head and trying to slip 14-year-old girls the wrong 'un in surf club carparks?

The GC Melanomas has a certain ring to it...

Looking at those knees, I predict Gazza will be retired before the Gold Coast Beards ever get on the field.

Although Thorpe might be their brand ambassador...

Carn the Toolies!


Tone: Oh, they won't move it to Melbourne... why they could move it to ... Tasmania! Yea, that's my theory. Or maybe a third team in Perth, or maybe a team in Katherine. I'm sure the AFL has a backup plan. They must. Of course they do. Right after they waste $50 million.

50 million? It costs roughly 20 million a year to run a footy club. (Depending on who you ask.)

They ain't gonna abandon GC in anything like the near future. 50 million will be chicken feed.

I don't get the constant attacks by rugby league people that AFL is gay. Wasn't the NRL the first local code to have an openly gay player? Maybe we should bash a few more women, that's the NRL version of hetero apparently.

True enough, Mont.

I'm a big fan of the League - or, intriguingly, "footy" as you northern affycondos call it - but he's got you by the loose-head props there, Prof.

(Monty, I know you contribute to an Arnotts Assortment of footy sites/blogs, but I can't work out which URL to link to.)

Tone: That's $50mil just to launch the club... I concur they'll waste far more than that before it's over.

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