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Debbie's observation was "kilometre perfect"

Damn! That's a good one, Ads. Wish I'd thought of it.

Cometti should sue for being confused with that spaz.

The should make a new reality show: TV Torts. A show in which aggrieved TV personalities sue their critics.

Not to be confused with TV Tortes... where Channel 7 "personalities" like Tom Williams, Rick "Don't Call Me Ricky" Olarenshaw, Noni Hazlehurst and Ernie Dingo intersperse witty repartee with host Bruce McAvaney to produce "special" dishes that you too can make at home by purchasing the Better Homes And Gardens magazine.

A two hour show from 7-9pm on Friday nights to push the AFL coverage past midnight in order to gain the most ratings for the network.

Channel Seven might start a new trend in TV coverage... show the pre-game after the post-game.

Debs just kicked it out on the full involuntarily off her left shin while heading in the wrong direction.


Blimey, indeed, VC. Keeping things footy - it was an absolute shocker.

On Tv Torts there could be a whole Daddo season!

It must have a theme song by Candace Alley... if only to stop me going Candace Who? whenever she's mentioned as Hackett's pop-star girlfriend.

The latest "Quadrant" has a piece by Patrick McCauley on "Australian Rules Football as Secret Men's Business", critical of the feminisation of Aussie Rules and demanding that the AFL stop developing the game for the benefit of a small vocal minority of suburban feminists.
I agree, get those bloody women out of the Long Room, out of the commentary box, out of the change rooms and all power to Sammy Boy as he mocks that vain and stupid Caroline wotsername.

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