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Liu Xiang was on the gear and knew he'd fail a drug test. Wanted to save face and avoid becoming an, erm, organ donor, if you get my drift.

So he came up with that pathetic little performance.

Anyone else floating this idea?

Well, the two Greek motorcyclist runners in Athens are.

It's like waking up to find yourself an East German.

I woke up to find myself an East German back in '79. Kornelia Ender. Can't remember dragging her home, but I gave her one for the road anyway.

Same thing happened again about 10 years later. A lass by the name of Katerina Witt if I recall correctly.

[Apologies to the Zucker Brothers]

I thought the Brits got a dose of East Germany whenever they suffered the NHS?

I heard from Nick, who used to be a drug tester with the East German NHS, that you actually woke up with Erich Honecker.

How many countries make up Great Britain anyway - isn't it 3 plus all the islands (I noted that the cyclist Cavendish from the Isle of Man was riding under the Great Britain banner).

If we're really serious here, let's split them up like they do in any other event that matters - World Cups in cricket and soccer for eg - or in events that don't matter (like the Commonwealth Games) and see what the tallies are then.

This Great Britain thing is like us competing as Australia in some competitions, then deciding to team up with the Kiwis and a dozen Pacific Islands under the one nebulous heading when it actually suits us.

Biker Hoy is a Scot.

Never been able to understand why they are clumped together, especially since they all hate each other.

Why are we all clumped together????
You ask your average english person he is all for devoloution.
We will even give the welsh liverpool as a goodwill gesture. I would much rather compete as england than gb as I am sure most scots welsh would rather compete as there own nations. Unless it involved benefits ie dole money,housing benefit.
After years of us raping the jocks for oil boy are they getting there own back now.

Cant see how the Pomms doing well in Beijing matters... its not that anyone really cares between the 4 years of a games period.
Sounds like...
a- Poms have not much else to hand thier hat on, so being one over Australia is some sort of consolation... and
b- Aussies like Coates are using this as a means to keep the interest up and create 'care' about how our 'team' does (collection of individuals more like).

I guess the first chance after the events are over, all of Team GB will get royal gongs, like that other deserving lot, the English 2005 Ashes team.

Which reminds me...
Warne to Collingwood... “You got an MBE, right? For scoring seven at the Oval? It’s an embarrassment.”

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