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Started to watch this too. I think it only goes for six or seven episodes so if its not worth it at least we'll find out quickly -- at least that is what i gathered from a quick look at Wikipedia entry. But I didn't want to linger in case of spoilers.

I'm the same as you with the spoilers, and generally click on a Wiki link with trepidation. Once I'm there, I only scan the intro and the cast. But in this case there are no spoilers, just raw details.

Hope no one has updated Wiki since I wrote that.


After 80 years, a complete version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis has been discovered in Buenos Aires.


Woof woof.

I'm guessing this is on Pay TV? And that it isn't The Sweeney?

I see Dexter is coming - the pilot next week I think. Ms FX has already watched the boxed set here at McCackie Mansions and pronounced it ok. Me I couldn't get into it after I had it explained to me.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexter_(TV_series)

I'm a little bit of the way through Dexter Season 2, and Season 1 is definately worth a watch. It will be interesting to see if anything is cut for the TV audiences, even if Channel 10 are promoting it as Dexter uncut (yes, I did see what they did there)

But for those who watched Season 2, and not giving anything away, does he ever get his "groove" back after the events at the end of the first series and the first ep of the second? He's a much better character when he's in control.

Not giving anything away: yes. There is a season 3 after all.

I understand C10 is indeed showing it in its original form, cussing and all intact. They bought it off CBS who bought it off Showtime but CBS screened it edited. They sent C10 the edited one but were surprised to learn 10 wanted the uncut version. So said the newspaper anyhow.

Started wondering near the end on Season Two whether Dexter would be able to sustain a third series. That's probably a bad sign. Hope any slight misgivings are dispelled.

Overheard by Boynton in JB: "Do you have a show called The Wire?"

A little posting about Dexter that goes through an overview of the story and some of the issues within it. Quite a good summary I would have thought.

Jack's good value at the SMH. That's an excellent review he has there. And I suppose, one day, I better watch more of the one episode I saw of Twin Peaks.


Dexter, the definitive preview: Miami Slice.

Rookie Daric Barton isn’t moving off first base, but the left-handed hitter hasn’t fared well against southpaws in the early going. Since Thomas has been added to the roster, Sweeney has started at first in place of Barton against lefties Francisco Liriano, Erik Bedard and Joe Saunders. Sweeney has held his own against both lefties and righties this spring, and he’s 4-for-12 with a double and home run as a first baseman. For now, though, he comes up on the short end of DH duty.

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