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Who needs a pen name when you already have Claude Cockburn??

Should have got in first with Frank Smokecocks.

This is the type of movie where you'd like to be a fly-on-the-wall-on-the-set-in-some-capacity type gopher. Bogie, Huston, Lorre, Morley, Capote, Lolla, JJ, M all in exotic Mediterranean shooting locales. Lifetime of experiences in a couple of months filming.

Apparently it was a pretty entertaining shoot, not least because Huston and Bogart discovered Capote could easily match them drink for drink.

There's a great photo in Huston's autobiography, "An Open Book' (and a great read. He writes like he directs) from the BTD set of the Assistant Director and Capote carrying a litter on which reclines Huston dressed up as an Aztec Princess. Obviously some part of the creative process that I am personally unfamilar with.

Huston also wrote that Morley almost had be physically restrained from trying to steal every scene he was in, that Jennifer Jones was the most unusual actor he'd ever directed and that the wonderful old limo in the film was bought on location from a bullfighter who'd had it customised so he could stand up inside the car to take his bows.

I've watched it a couple of times and it is pretty good, however the copies I saw in VHS days were terrible, and really marred the experience. Must try it again now we're in disk era. Where was S Greenstreet for this? Seems conspicuous by absence.

I've seen BTD both recently and on DVD and I reckon the film footage is too bright. Now I suppose coastal Italy is a pretty sunny, brighty place, but the film still seems to overdo the light.

I like the light.
Sunny Noir is right.

Film Blanc.

Peter Lorre and Truman Capote, in danger and in love.
A speech therapists thesis.

and The Unsinkable Mr Hackman? Night Moves!

"The Unsinkable Mr Hackman? Night Moves!"

Dang! You nailed it in one! Ever thought of professionally solving crossword puzzles? There could be a job for you at Bletchley Park.

are you dumping shit on me comrade? (and you have not replied to my email)
that Jennifer chick from Slapshot is in it and Mrs Banderas age 15 should not be missed.
Hackman is in my top 3 actors. pretty-boys make my skin crawl.

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