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Roy must be related to Val. Nod off while reading.

Can't find fault in your research, TT.

Although Pies supporters 332% more likely to eat straw (than eat thru one).

I'm and Esssssendon Sup sup supporter and I've got no speeech problems at all at all

Tony, long time lurker, first time contributor.

Ex-pat Melb living in Syd and a NMFC man from way back. I've never had a shack on the Gold Coast (gold toast?)... Spot on with the Bloods supporters up here though.

Best post I've seen so far. Love your work.

Melbourne supporters are several per cent more likely to be unable to spell Essendon. Also there are five other people in my workplace, three of them are doggies supporters. Two of those are Kiwis. Make of that what you will.

Keri: You're write.

Tad: Thanks for that.

Random: 'Bout time someone spotted my finely honed "gag". Essedon supporters traditionally leave out the n. (And their cheer squad once spelled it Bombres, but not in a Spanish way.)

456% of the Melbourne Media believe anything the AFL tells them,and just lately they have been telling some whoppers

But they are rigorously investigated, statistically accredited, crossed I, dotted T, Adrian Anderson endorsed whoppers, John, so it's OK.

Have a go at Bombre fans at your peril, Tone. There are so many Carlton supporters living locally these days there's not a suburb nearby that doesn't have its pronunciation mangled: Kei-LORE; As-COT Vale.

Why don't you all f-f-fade away? Don't try and dig what we all s-s-say.

I dig what you're saying: "Talking 'bout my re-generation." It's a very Melbourne/Essendon term these days.

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