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BPS is Boynton, Nora and me. For our one-night-only appearance at Percy's we changed our name to Parker in honour of Lady Penelope's dogspuppet.

As I recall you were similarly traumatised at your last trivia night -- I recommend you cease and desist. I am forced to go once a year and that is virtually the only night I wish I were a drinking man, it is so beastly. There should be mandatory training for the quizmasters, and I hope Swanaround's budget has money for approved CORRECT answers to all trivia questions, with mandatory re-education sessions at the local cadre for all boofheads who accept dodgy answers (such as Alexandre Dumas for Daniel Defoe -- incidentally, is it only one of the Alexandre Dumas', or both père et fils, whom you get mixed up with Mister Defoe?), or who give plainly incorrect answers. And I, too, can't tell Sigourney Weaver and Sigrid Thornton apart, unless visually prompted. Likewise, any question that starts with "Which actor ..." and has an answer which is an actress, should be banned.

I've gotta say, Tony, that your "Alexander Dumas" victory over deafness makes my painful experience almost worth it. Well done.

Last week's was only a sampler. We won't be making a project of this pub.

It was also the first time the Weaver Thornton Syndrome has morphed. But on reflection I can see how it might addle Dumas and Defoe. Michael Crichton should write a book about it: The Trivia Strain.

From Wiki it would appear it's Daddy Dumas, the one who wrote the Count of Monte Walsh.

Whoa! Big Daddy.

That it is, Ed. But I still wish we hadn't been dudded over the Dame. No one likes to lose to smugsters.

The questions are good in a Delroy sort of way. I'd go again to the strangest pub trivia in town were it not for the mysterious $5 collection.
Plus, in contrast to our previous haunt, there is no banter between the teams at all.
I think they're trivia quakers.
Pub Trivia without the socialising is a bit of a strange cult.

Agreed. Banter is necessary. From what I saw, the teams last Toosdee were not very bantery.

but we got that right. (Curtain.)
Yes indeed. We drew the Curtin on that trivia competition. ;-)

Tony T, wasn't that book The Count of Monte Carlo? Or maybe I'm thinking of those biscuits, Monte Cassinos.

The host needs to polish his act; sitting at a table reading out questions without amplification is no one's idea of a good idea.

Do not waste much sympathy on Tony T's occasional quiz night hiccups. The bugger's got a very good wine cellar's worth of decent plonk he's won at Trivial Pursuit competitions over the years - and the hundreds of bottles just sit there in his teetotaller batch pad like animal trophy heads shot by a vegan.

I can only assume he's planning to leave the collection to the nation as first prize in the Grand Australian Trivial Pursuit Tournament once Rudd gets that organised.

Yes, second prize will no doubt involve Mrs Gandhi.

Also waiting for someone to invent Reverse Trivial Pursuit where everyone's given the answer and then we see who comes up with the right question first, eg:

"The Answer is "Air Blower."

And the right question is:
a) what is the most annoying sound to wake you up hungover on a Sunday because your neighbour can't be arsed using a bloody rake?
b) what is not the best track off Jeff Beck's "Blow By Blow"?
c) what is a very effective way of warming up the toilet seat on a winter morning?
d) what is not the best equipment choice by Amy Winehouse's hair stylist?"

One day I'm going to have to have to have a part-ay, as the young'uns say, to get rid of... to CELEBRATE the maturation of a fine collection of vintage red vinegar.

Will endeavour invite Jeff Beck.

Good to see that I am no longer considered a BPS member despite years of loyal service!!

I played my 1st trivia in about 8 months 2 weeks ago in StKilda - "Funky Bunch" trivia complete with visual aids - not my sort of trivia at all really despite being a venue I liked.

Was the polar opposite of the one described by TT - an over-abundance of current pop culture and gimmicky questions.

P.S. A fair proportion of those bottles could reside in my cellar too (although they would of course no longer be with us)...

Well, you weren't there on Toosdee night, mon ami. Nor were you at the GF last year.

Those bottles should more appropriately be residing with chips and bad salads.

By the way, there was a question specifically bred for Dr P: "Who was Lonhro's sire?"

B hovered around the answer, but thought it was the answer's bro... broctagonal.

Tiny Rowland

Can't remember him.

Or her.



Well, when I next get down under, I am happy to sit in again... if you need some help. Cheers, Tone.

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