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I Ching.

As an expat Groper, I would pay good money to go to the G this weekend to watch a side wearing gold jumpers and a black swan take on the Big V. But dream team? Meh.

I suspect many Croweaters feel the same.

I used to love the SoO games. But this - this monstrosity - is not SoO.

And if I were an AFL player I wouldn't dream of fronting for a Dream Team and risk getting injured.
"Dream Team" sounds very basketball-ish, so that's another blob.

If they are going down this so-called Dream Team path, they may as well have an East v West game (East = VIC,TAS,NSW,QLD - West = SA, WA, NT) so it puts everyone completely off except the corporates.

Or go back to a tri-yearly match between the states - with pub rules (winner stays on, if you don't kick a goal in a quarter you run around the boundary sans dacks.)

it all pales into comparison with the magnificence of "International Rules"

You really changed teams?

Ex house mate of mine, brother of AFL playa. Said there was possibly enough numbers for a Yogoslav vs. Aborigines game. Back in the 90s.

"Hate the game, not the playa."

A few years ago one of the papers over here lined up a team of Aussie-Croatian players from the west. Gerovich (x 3), Jakovich (x 2), Gril ..Gryl .. Grilusi.. ah hell, Gorillashit (x 3), Sumich (x 2), Begovic, Starcevich, Gaspar (x 2), Sarich. Squeeze in Ilya Grgic, Bulldog but was on the WCE list for a few years. It was a fantastic list.

Don't forget BARICH! What a champ.

So they are all Cros, eh? No Serbs or Massos etc?

Suma Magic... doesn't sound very Croatian to me.

And yes, I changed teams. Don't ask. Don't. Ask.

How come no one has asked about Blubs?

Ok then.

He played for a losing WAFL grand finalist between 1973 and 1978. His brother played for another WAFL club in the 1980s.

My one viewing of the international rules was when I was stranded up in Darwin with work. Boring.

That's not counting a couple of those matches from the early 80s.

Richmond will be holding its own tribute game during round 14 vs Carlton. It will be our worse team of the last 25years versus our second worst team of the past 25 years. Justin Plapp anyone?

Yes, West Australian's think there is some kind of burning animosity amongst victorians about WA, that every Vic gets up every morning wondering how they can do down the west, when the reality is that they don't care, and are only vaguely aware of the state's existence. The same attitude is prevalent on a (slightly) larger scale with New Zealand. Kiwis seem convinced that Aussies go through their whole day shaking their fists towards TLOTLWC.

Would be funny if Pavlich got injured (or better reported) in this game though. Seeing the Dockers lose and lose is the most entertaining thing in footy. At least Richmond expect to be perennial losers. The Dockers actually think they are good.

as a neutral AFL fan, who doesn't really have a strong alliegence, (living in Brisbane) I'm quite looking forward to the game, however I'm quite disappointed that the AFL world seems to think it's little more then a sideshow. Generally in any sport the quality of the match is highest when you get all the stars onto the one arena, which usually allows for a very entertaining game. But if the players themselves can't be arsed turning up, it'll be rubbish, which will be really disappointing as theres no other matches on this weekend.

In the old days, in the 70's and 80's when the then VFL used to strip South Australia and Western Australia of their best players, State of Origin matches has a bit of spice in it.

This would give the Croweaters and the Sandgropers a chance to beat the hated Gumsuckers (yes that is the term for Victorians) and demonstrate that the reason why the VFL reigned supreme is because they stole all their best players away.

Victorians in general were so arrogant that whatever the result really believed that their football was so much superior it wasn't even worth about discussing.

As a Carlton fan, which in the days before salary caps used to raid interstate teams with its chequebook, it was fun to see people like Stephen Kernahan and Craig Bradley in their South Australian jumpers playing against some of their Carlton team mates. And the big 'V' jumper looks like a Carlton one anyway.

But I agree with Baum. After the advent of the AFL and interstate teams the whole rivarly thing has shifted to the interstate clubs and there is no reason for this concotions.

This sounds like one of those meaningless friendlies that happen in Association Football sometimes.

The decline of state of origin football puzzles me somewhat. I can see that it should have declined, especially when some of the game's stars started coming out of NSW and Qld - it's no good having representative games without the best players, and you can't passionately support an Allies team.

But a lot of people say that state football was rendered obsolete by the national club competition, and I'm not convinced of that. State of Origin in rugby league continues to thrive despite the Broncos being in existence about as long as West Coast.

Hell, I can't believe I forgot Barra. Not only played AFL for the Eags, but NFL for the Western Reds.

I also forgot Scotty Watters, who gets a guernsey per favour of his mum.

And I found the article, from the West Australian:

Jon Dorotich - Darren Gaspar - Travis Gaspar
Damien Gaspar - Glen Jakovich - Danny Civich
Rod Grijusich - Tony Parentich - Otto Santich
Eric Sarich - Tom Grijusich - Allen Jakovich
Peter Sumich - John Gerovich - Scott Watters
Ruck Jack Sumich, Mathew Pavlich, Jack Rocchi.
INT Ivan Glucina, George Grijusich, Tony Begovich, Dean Ercegovich.

I mean NRL. League.

There should be a return to SOO footy. 2 tiers: Vic / WA / SA in one league. Tas / Qld-NT / NSW-ACT in another. Play each other once over 3 seperate weekends (just before the season, around Rd 7, around Rd 14). Ladder over a 2 year period. Promotion and relegation for bottom of premier tier, and top of lower league. WA home games MUST be played with a Burley football.

SOO was a great standard of footy in the '80s it has to be said. I didn't go away crying if the Vics lost but was pumping my fist for Ablett, Dermott, Weightman and Sir Robbie for certain.

Dream Team game is a nonsense, the mere mention of the word "exhibition" makes me cringe. I do like the Irish hybrid rules games though. Probably because they are so Irish.

At least they didn't call it an All Star game.

@ The Worst of Perth - Fremantle are the Richmond of Perth

Roy Master's has a good article on SoO AFL & NRL, and tonights Oz/Kiwi clash.

It does seem to an outsider that AFL is far more tribal round their clubs rather than their State and I would put it down to the fact that Aussie Rules suffers from a lack of international competition. The lack of enthusiasm is akin to the NFL's Pro Bowl. It's more an exhibition game than the blood and guts affair that the regular season is.

League, although having good competition internationally doesn't compete with Union as far as the ceremony and pride that goes into those Internationals. Nothing can compare to a Bledisloe Cup or a winning tour of the British Isles. For that reason the advent of SoO in the 80's became League's version of the Bledisloe.

I can still remember Brohman's broken jaw at the hands of the maniac Boyd and more scarifying at the time, Beetson attacking Cronin in SoO I. That attack on not only a team-mate but a gentleman raised the hackles of every New South Welshman. Ever since that game SoO is the be all and end all of the NRL up there with the NRL Trophy.

Tonight's game, as Masters points out, has an injection of Stuart vs Bennett. Could the SoO be undermined by these two clashing? I hope so. The hatred of QLD has tempered a tad since the NRL has expanded and there seems no good justification for thuggery, no state vs state mate vs mate. So perhaps a good old fashioned flogging of NZ (and particulary Bennett) might be just the ticket. If not, then humiliating QLD would be just as nice.

Whoah! Whoever that was at the end of the Haka with the spastic face is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy man!

Magic try. Storm 4 - NZ 0

It' a Storm show tonight as Billy saves a dead set cert.

The 'Short Ball' to Crocker, "a shade forward" says Rabbits. Storm 8 - NZ 0.

20 minutes in and it is, after all, an exhibition match. 16-0.

UnZud is PussWeak. Bring on QLD.

Rabbits, Sterlo and Gus, the brains trust, don't know the rules. No one on him, it was a try for all to see. The Kiwi's are a joke. Storm 12 - NZ 0.

Inglis lets in a weak one. Storm 12 - Storm 4.

Rabbits, Sterlo and Gus were confident it was a double movement, but I thought a bloke had to be held and then scramble again for a DM to be called. But what do I know.

More importantly: why are our boys wearing blue and purple? Or is that azure and mauve, or some such poncy combination?

You're 100% spot on Tones. No DM.

I was wondering the same myself out loud and the mrs said it is probably a combination of Maroon (QLD) and Blue (NSW). That's good enough an explanation for me.

What an extremely poor game. The shining lights were the Oz defence, the first try and Billy Slater.

The worst commentary effort for some time, negative selections for both teams, poor coaching, lack of intensity, too many penalties. All up a complete waste of time.

This game exemplifies why SoO is streets ahead of a League International, no matter how much Rabs and Gus try to talk it up.

Pats rating: Shouse to the nth.

On a more momentous note, Jack's dead, long may he live.

For Parramatta's Dorothy, Sursum Corda!.

I care about as much as the IPL, teh Supa Test and what Kevin Rudd had for breakfast.

Lifeless bloody game. Turned it on as Gasnier strolled through for a try. Turned it off when Hodges butchered a try at 22-6.

And I gots t' agree with CC. The IPL is turning out to be a total bust for me. I suppose that's no surprise, but shit! it's managed to achieve a sum total of about 5 minutes of my attention.

Vale Jack Gibson. Great coach. Had the balls to wear a fur coat to a Grand Final win in the early 80's and always good for a quote.

"Waiting for Cronulla to win a premiership is like putting a porch lamp on for Harold Holt."

Raise The Porch Lantern.

What's Chinese for aldis?

Watched a fair chunk of the Dream Team game - it LOOKED like an exhibition match, with very little of the genuine hard-ball competitions you see every week in a normal game. They mainly just looked a little tentative - quite silky and skilful, but very "bloodless". Not how I remember state games, and just the opposite of NRL State Of Origin.

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