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Morning becomes electricity?

Quick! Click the pic!

Up early Tones?

That's my kids' favourite sight in the world. "Dad, dad, hot air ballooowens!!".

We're a stone's throw from their final descent into Princes Park. There's a clash of logos & sponsorships for you.

A few things:

1. Actually got up a bit late today (6:59) and took the photos at 7:04.

2. Kevin Bartlett still says ballooowens.

3. At 8:06 when I was driving to work up Hoddle Street, the Love balloon had landed on Victoria Park.

4. I know a bloke who runs another balloon tour company. He takes people up every single calm weekend. But he also spends heaps of time fielding calls from people who complain that the 'whooshing' upsets their dogs. True. At least once a week. I've heard it. Last one was from a lady in Cliffy Hill.

This is one of the downsides to living adjacent to parks or golfcourses.
The whooshing over one's home is terrifying the first time when one is trying to figure out what the hell it IS,
and YES - The Dogs - won't somebody please think about the poor terrified dogs ... and cats who run away for 3 days.

If balloon rides can make operators a living, then petrol/food must not be as excessively priced as so many people claim.

But the photo was lovely thank you AGB

Fact! The Montgolfier brothers caught balloons to work. Count Zeppelin, too. And Jimmy Page.

yeah well the montgolfiers had to first make their balloons outta their chemises so god knows what they looked when they got to work.

just popped back to bring something to your attention. Normblog recently mentioned or linked to Bob Estes a prof of physics who grew up in Texas but is now in Bahston, and anyhow, he has on his blog the most brilliant story of a footbBALLer who caused him to read Proost - it really is a great read about sport - the footballer lived The Great Santini father experience apparently (he should be glad it wasn't the Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia experience).

try online-scientist Bob Estes, a lovely man. not related to Billy Sol Estes of MAD magazine INfamy.

Frankie Howerd says "ooh errr. be good if you gave a proper link"

a proper link

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