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Does anyone know what web sites they are talking about? If they still have to explain these things to players and staff they are about 15 years behind the curve...

Big Footy, Demonland, Demonolgy, Punt Road, Saintsational, Bomber Blitz, Talking Carlton, etc.

Big Footy is the best.

If you are looking for juicy sledging.

Rob, as a previous Columbus resident knowing that you support the mighty West Coast Eagles may I suggest EaglesFlyingHigh.com (bulletin board) or blogs TheSoaring.com and CarnEagles' blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/afl/fanforce/index.php/heraldsun/C711
Dockerland.com is great for humour and delusional thinking...

You cyber-bastards!

Leave them alone! ALL OF YOU!

Mark Jamar would have a nervous breakdown if he ever read Demonblog.

Vis-a-vis Jamar being Melbourne fans' favourite target, here's the second comment at Robbo's article: "I hope Terry Wallace has banned himself from reading blogs!!"

Melb fans are probably pretty tame compared to some of the other birdshit-on-the-doorstep clubs.

This is all Wallace's doing. He's going in to bat for Tambling due to the countless threads on many forums about how the Tigers screwed up by taking Tambling ahead of Franklin.

On the bright side, if Bling does get depressed, he can always go to North Melbourne.

"..if they are caught blogging or leaking valuable information to the websites..."

Well I laffed.

'ello 'ello 'ello wot 'ave we 'ere - a little blogga - ok come along wif me now sonny. consider yerself nicked.

Monty. Bling has got a fair bit of favourable press this year saying that he's finally starting to live up to his potential. I don't believe it.

FX: Quite so. Footballers have often been arrested for leaking.

Oh Tone, I know about most of the sites you mention. The question was more rhetorical than anything else but thanks anywho. I just find it silly that *only now* they feel the need to issue such a warning to players and staff. Hey, knock knock AFL? ...the internet revolution didn't start in 2008. Now if they don't know the difference between a forum and a blog I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

Thanks Soaps. I read TheSoaring and sometimes CarnEagles. Haven't been to EaglesFlyingHigh in a while. Might check in soon.

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