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If Australia turned out in VB caps, I would have been disgusted. When the Australians are playing, I don't care what they adorn their heads with. I just hope Haydos is fit after straining his leg carrying his wallet out of India.

ps : I am applying for the job of AGB correspondent on the ground in the Caribbean - but will try to avoid doing a Fatcat.

Well given the probable future of quicket, the VB/KFC/ING/3 caps will bear as much national ID as the BG.

Ha ha. Ho ho. It is to laugh:

A beaming Watson, who appears to have finally overcome a shocking run of injuries, told Channel Ten: "I'm having the time of my life."

B: They will soon be wearing Crazy John heads instead of helmets.

Ian "I am totally against the introduction of 3rd umpire video replays" Chappell is a grade A knob swallower.

I distinctly remember him having a big old cry a few years ago when he spied the 13th man for Oz on the field wearing an official piece of Oz head gear. Christ, he's got some brass, and about as relevant as Sam Newman.

I think his whinge might have even included the words "back in my day…"

His whinge would have certainly included the words "back in my day... Les Favell said."

Les! Good call.

This is opposed to me distinctly remembering DK getting a wicket with his 1st ball of his comeback... erm... playing for the Tassie Knight Riders in the Indian Indoor Premiarr Cricket League.

uh-oh, poor Chappelli wants attention again. Fucken idiot

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