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'gday, Bernard King here, wanna show ya me dick' - more golden than a Scotch Egg.

Fry the crunt till it's black you prick

And in the mid-sixties, Peter Russell-Clarke dabbled in producing and directing home-grown stag movies (oh, alright, 60s super 8mm porn) that were screened at more than one advertising industry Xmas pissup at the time. According to someone I know that saw some of them, even though PRC mustered spme surprisingly attractive talent for the time, the flicks were too funny to be genuinely arousing or exploitive.

Not many people know that about PRC (That is, Peter Russell-Clarke not the People's Republic of China which is quite different.)

And here's another media identity caught al dente - in this case frequently invoking the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Peter Republic of Clarke:

Who I'd like to meet: I've pretty much met everyone I'd like to meet to be honest. Being a celebrity TV chef certainly has it's benefits. I was rolling in pussy a few years back, now I'm married.

Peter R. Clarke was the Don Bourke of the kitchen, I suppose -- a kind of egalitarian Graeme Kerr. A pity he didn't go to the same park in Paris where Don Bourke got a punch in the head from a French pugilist.

Kerry Packer punched Burke, too.

DON BURKE: Because I was stupid. At the end of it, Kerry did regard me as a friend. He got me in a headlock and he punched me in the guts and he said, "I like you. You and I are going to be friends." Well, I'd been through so much, I was terrified out of my brain. It was the most awful moment, I just couldn't. And stupidly I rejected his friendship, which was a terrible mistake.

I tried googling "Burke punched in Paris" but I got the wrong Paris.

Tony T, maybe it wasn't Paris, but when Burke was in France he saw a guy training in the park, and approached him with his camera crew. Don Burke shaped up in fun, but the guy gave a straight (left or right, I'm not sure), and smashed him in the face, breaking his nose. Don Burke played it a few times on his show, which was gratifying for those of us who had to watch the show but hated it.
Fancy getting into a brawl with Kerrence Packer! It goes to show how he treated his friends, as he put them in wrestling holds and bashed them up -- who would want to cross him?
Actually, I did hear that Mr. K. Packer could be good to his employees, provided they did the right thing. When polo grounds were needed, he spared no expense, and made sure all the greenkeepers were fed and paid well, and personally thanked all of them for their hard work.

Didn't he give a fleet of ambulances to Sydney or Melbourne? I forget which. And he is also reputed to have given a bucketload of lolly to some bloke in a wheelchair at the races.

And Heather Mills, too.

I thought it a bit rich that she tried to get future royalties for Paul's song "Mills of Kintyre".
No jokes about not having a leg to stand on, please.
Actually it might be a bit rich that McCartney gets the royaltries, as I believe one of the Denny-types in Wings may have written it and sold it to the astute Macca.

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