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The WA Liberal Party is awesomely bad. Buswell's not just unelectable, he's going to make Latham look like Hawke in '83.

Which is a shame, because WA Labor needs a damn good kicking at the minute.

Laser at TWOPPER is as surprised as me. How can Rough Diamond Buswell not 'do the right thing'? Surely he's now completely unelectable in spite of WA Labor being ripe for that kicking.

Not being quite up on the footy or WA politics, at first i thought it was a picture of the Dees coach.

Dean Bailey hasn't got as much hair... gel.

He lifted the chair up to his nose for extra laffs. Superb work.

There's some great footage of him coming into parliament very pissed, with his colleagues trying to convince him to go back out and have a lie down. You know if he hadn't blubbed about the chair sniffing, he would have been OK.

Biggy: As Ron Barassi would say, "It's the little extra efforts that count."

TWOP: Although I reckon the CSing was gross, it's the blubbing that... ahem, gets up my nose.


security footage of incident no lies

He's gotta quit. Black, brown, white or brindle, whatever colour of political stripe they are, you just don't do that shit. Are Australia's legislative chambers so packed full of effin' half-wits that they end up as serious contenders for national leadership positions?

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

[TT: No worries, matey. Don't mind me, I just changed your details.]

Is it me, or is spam getting more snarky these days?

@CB: agreed, and yes.

As Hunter Thompson said, it's an evil game and no sane person would defend it. I guess the thing that makes it all too weird for Buswell to handle is that one of his own party knifed him. I know how he feels. Same bloke did it to me.

Was that snarky spam? I thought FG was just being nice.

From the noise I was hearing on the radio today Buswell can't be too far from pulling the pin.

Come on, Os, dish it up.

Weird? Weird that a fellow party member shopped him? Turn it up, sniffing ladies chair seats after a meeting, IN FUCKING PUBLIC is the weird bit. What's truly surprising is that someone hasn't punched a fist sized hole in that thick skull, just on the basis of complete and utter peurile stupidity.

It's been gnawing at me ever since I heard the news and now I must fess up that I too once did the sniff thing for laughs (big laughs) at a night club.

If memory serves me correctly, I almost got a fist sized hole in my skull for my comedic efforts. As a matter of fact, I think the whole thing ended in a mediocre blue with me being ejected, though not thrown down any staircase bouncer style (which was a change for the better).

Why? Why did I do it? Cause I was a dickhead. It's pretty much that simple.

I still think I'd make a better PM than the current one. At least I was 19 when I did that. And at least I acknowledge my turdishness as being wholey and entirely mine to own.

I don't think there are any lessons to learn here other than confirmation of what a complete asshat I have been at times. But I think most people already know that.

This the perfect storm of Australian political scandals.

No one else was hurt and the main player was perfectly captured in one dopey action as the complete dickhead he is.

See the Brits and Seppos either tend to go for baroque here (Found dead in two wetsuits, wearing fishnet stockings and and orange in his mouth!) or the really trivial (George WH Bush doesn't know what checkout scanner is! Hilary can't work a coffee machine!)

But here in Aus, I reckon we've got such political/media scandals just right. Chair sniffing, overly macho handshakes on camera, smuggling Paddington Bear through customs, long lost bastard sons holding a sound boom over his cabinet minister dad, Parliamentary leaders of two opposed parties bonking after tense negotiations - no wonder we punch well above our weight in exportable soaps.

This 'chair sniffing" thang is gonna haunt the poor stupid bastard for the rest of his life. It's just so funny and pathetic all at once. He wasn't even enough of a man to properly fornicate with the furniture. Or enough of an operator to run with it and laugh it off.

If you can't entertainingly spin what went on with a hamfisted and dimwitted prank, then you truly are unfit to govern. This why Bill Clinton is worshipped by pollies and captains of industry across the political spectrum. "How the hell did you get away with it?"

And when it comes to sniffing anything recently employed by a lady, there is only one cardinal rule. Wait for her suggestion that you do so.

CB, I used the word "weird" because it was in the Hunter Thompson quote I was referring to. Which I can't find. Something like "Most nights are slow in the politics business, but sometimes something so weird happens that not even the hard men can handle. It's an evil game and no-one sane would defend it." I've googled but can't turn it up.
Teach, I wouldn't dish it up here.

I was thinking about listing all the stupid things I've done, but I figured I would have to start a whole new blog.

Keeping it 'chair'. Once at a North Melbourne vs Melbourne match, I kicked a plastic chair which then landed on the ground in a thousand pieces.

If Michael Stipe had've done this he would have written a deeply heartfelt and melancholy song lamenting his lost innocence:


I remember sniffen chairs,
and the crowd's aghast stares,
at least I wasn't sniffen underwears,
I remember this

Os: Shadow Police Minister?

It would be a shame if he lost his seat over a seat.
Seriously, have a look at this guy's picture in your article, think about his behaviour, and ask yourself, "Where was Shane Warne's Dad when this guy was conceived?" He looks like Shane's half brother, or perhaps a naughty uncle that Shane hoped to be like.

Os. Om. Om. Om. Om.

"now UN-electable" ?

NOT if all the other dickheads and pervs vote for him

NOBODY who is clever stylish or sensible EVER stands up and asks the populace to "please vote for me"?

What about Italian politicians? And the French bloke with the naked wife? And Bob Hawke. Wait a tick, I was just channelling Bob Hawke.

I've always loved how every Italian parliament has to have at least one ex-pornstar.

The guy is a dead set champ. This bird needs to get over herself.

"We finished the meeting (with a constituent), I walked the bloke downstairs and out of parliament, and when I got back I walked into the room to pick up my notepad from the desk and Buswell started grabbing the chairs going 'aahww, which one did you sit in? I'll be able to tell','' she said.

"And then he picked them up and started sniffing them and groaning and making sexually satisfying noises. I went, 'you're sick, knock it off', and grabbed my staff and walked out, but he didn't pay attention to a word I said.''

The woman said she was standing with colleagues about 10 minutes later when one of them knocked on Mr Buswell's door to ask one of his staff to lunch.

"Buswell opened the door really wide, grabbed a chair and started sniffing it, lifted it above his head sniffing it and breathing in, going 'aaww yeah','' the woman said.

"It was awful."


Buswell for GG!

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