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"But the 40 men and women..." - women ? - pull the other one.

Au contraire, Simon.

The shiny scone top left belongs to a woman of rare taste and judgment - she barracks for the Dees.

Sorry - I thought it was a bald man wearing a toga. My mistake.

Understandable mistake; it is Fitzroy.

we are the boys from old fitzroy

"We wear the colooorrrrrrs maroon and blue and gold and white and assorted other monograms, motifs and NAB cup ensembles."

Shouldn't that be "40 men and woman"?

You can only see 20 of the 40 in that picture. There's actually another table of players over to the left.

That's where all the hot chicks were sitting.

Well, I gots ta say, Simon, if the other table was full of hot chicks, don'tcha reckon that's where the photographer would be?

One must shudder to think of the quality of quiff over yonder of the snapper felt compelled to immortalise in electrons that group of groovers. Egads, seen better heads over a p*ss trough.

I was about to laugh at that.

Then I realised one of the heads over a p*ss trough was mine.

Right hand side, three from the back.

Good looking rooster.

Fine penmanship.

Dainty left hand.

Carry on.

My, that hand is dainty. Tony, you do know you can do this kind of thing online. Don't you?

Would it be unfair to use the colloquial rooster descriptor then? As it most definitely relates to trough lollies and such. "Look Horatio, a room full of colloquial roosters!"

Could be worse. You could have been mistaken as part of KRudd's 50/50 Sowhat.

G: Do what online? Dream teams? True. But who wants to be a sad footy tosser anonymously online? Much rather be a SFT face-to-face in a pub.

C: Given the high number of hard core lefties in our lot,, quite a few would like to be so mistaken.

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