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They are all the rage, Big Tone. Went to an AFL game on the weekend and saw quite a few young&hungsters wearing them. With their hair all mussed up, Nick D'Arcy style.

Not sure if The King can pull that part off.


/hair pun.

I've been meaning to blog about them for some time. The King did the right thing by providing me with an in.

Michael Caton had a part. "Tell 'im 'e's combing."

Agreed that these medieval-style shoes which are about 3 sizes too long, are a fashion faux-pas (foot-pas?). Only exceeded in recent years by European-influenced shirt collars whose lapels point across to the shoulder, not down -- usually worn with oversized ties.

The King? More like the court clown, an over-paid egomaniacal buffoon, hell-bent on a path of self-destruction that would do Elvis or Andrew Johns proud. Think of how proud he'll make his children in years to come. They should change their names by deed poll to Stalin-Mugabe.

Prof: I can't understand how a bloke kit up in a suit or some kind of snazzy outfit, or even jeans and a jacket, can think those long, pointy things look good.

(And given I went to the footy with someone on Saturday who reads this blog and was in boots of a similar colour and pointedness to Carey's - boots and casual clothes get a pass. I mean, otherwise someone might drag out pictures of me in cowboy boots.)

CB: Especially the "It was her fault" line in relation to Kelly Stevens. Quite the gentleman role model.

Whaddaya youse all reckon about this bit?

ANDREW DENTON: When was the first time you tried [cocaine]?

WAYNE CAREY: Um after I retired from the Adelaide Crows, I had an injury and tried it with the, you know, a couple of friends and basically what it did for me was allow me to drink longer.

ANDREW DENTON: That was just shortly after you retired?


"I had an injury," etc. To me that sounds almost like a slip in which he was about to admit to using drugs while he was playing. And the "Yes. Yeah." was a sort of stammer when Denton asked for clarification.

How did Wayne Carey get to be the victim?

Wayne Carey is only a victim of Wayne Carey. He's the one who fucked up his life and now he's beating his breast saying how sorry he is. Fuck off Wayne.

Taking cocaine to enable one to drink longer seems to me to be a very confusing set of priorities.

Not only are those crinkly creamy white winkle pickers that everyone wears a fashion faux pas but they seem to be made of very bad quality vinyl that cracks and turns up at the toe.

I have officially added this to my database of simple signs that the wearer is a dickhead.

I still find that 3/4 length shorts/longs on males is the supreme indicator of "people to steer clear of".

And given I went to the footy with someone on Saturday who reads this blog

so you went on your Pat Malone?

They look like they are made out of fake crocodile.

And as for those 3/4 length shorts/longs - don't forget the startling array of gigantic pockets.

Not boots, just shoes. Er, I hear.

"They look like they are made out of fake crocodile."

Battery-farmed fake croc too.

I only wear free-range.

An albino crocodile? Man you're going to be on TV. What part of "after labor day" don't you understand?

Taking cocaine to enable one to drink longer seems to me to be a very confusing set of priorities.

Agreed. But I've got a few mates who do exactly that every Friday night.

I'm wondering why its not better to just go to bed when the pub shuts and go again Saturday, rather than staying awake drinking until lunchtime Saturday and then sleeping for 2 days.

I really don't understand it but there it is.

Best not to drink at all. Not even from albino crocodile souvenir stubbie-holders. "Get kaktus in kakadu."

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