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Big Papi is truly awesome. Picked up for next to nothing from the Twins, and was really only expected to do a bit of DH'ing, and platoon occasionally at first base. Instead, he's become the second coming of Big Jim Rice and is a total GOD for all Sox fans.

Mr Clutch during the amazing 2004 post season - a game winning HR against the Yankees in Game 4, followed by a game winning RBI hit later that same day in Game 5!

Was in the slump at the start of this year, until last night when he belted a Grand Slam.

It's going to be a good summer!!

(By the way, what's the 'form' on all these 'swap links' messages flying around?)


Dont be too surprised if Geoff McClure is made to "mysteriously disappear" by some irate Bostonians :)... Nobody messes with Big Papi.Or Manny ..


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