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I always wanted to do a book called Urban Atrocities, containing Californian Bungalo in Yarraville painted silver and lime green, or the concrete fence in Brunswick cleverly modelled to look like tree stumps.
TWOP stole my idea.

A few weeks ago I was on the Gold Coast and constantly amazed at the atrocities of architecture and general bad taste. Sure, I knew it would be bad, but I had no idea just how bad it could be.

Check out the http://www.belair-resort.com/index.php>Bel Air Resort

I would also nominate the entire shopping strip in Glenroy(including the three pawn shops in a row)
Also all the railway stations between Essendon and Broadmeadows.
Today in Glenroy I saw a front fence to savour: Alternating cream course of bricks with a green split-rock course of bricks. Blame shared equally between 1. Person who ordered it 2. Person who built it 3. Person who owns it now and hasn't changed it 4. Graffitti artists who have left it alone

Wow, thanks mate. It has been pretty amazing to get links from architecture and design sites around the world, but from AGB, that's pretty special.
10 years of stand-up, 25 of photography and a lifetime of slagging off has finally come together.

My favourite would be The Worst Of Townsville

Twopper: It was the "Playtime" by I Creator wot clinched it.

I have to look at that Alsation ogling genitals picture to see if it really was that astounding. I have had a Melbourne submission or two, and will have more, but Pertharians are very protective of their own worst, and there has been a bit of resistance to expansion. I have had worst of New Zealand pics sent too but yet to post.

It's not astounding, it's adreadful.

Given the relative populations, TWOM would "feature" a pleth-ora of kitch. Might even start with a photo of this house on my way home from work tonight.

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