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Rollerboy is enjoying Indian cricket being the flavour of the month. I wonder if he is smart enough to make hay while the sun shines - because if/when he fails in the 'provincial' IPL (or in his next series), we'll see how fickle his new fans are.

Wow, a wicket keeper never missing an opportunity to have a sledge?

Stop the presses!

Lose your Test Series, lose the 20/20 that only you value, bow out dismally in the ODI World Cup, but, win the finals of the CUB 50/50 and - suddenly you rule the world!

He shows again what a completely gutless coward he is.... says it all when he's back in india and doesn't have to face the people he is slandering face to face. He was probably cowering behind his mothers sari when he said it too. Hayden was right he is an obnoxious little weed.

Response to Joe:

Hiding behind Mom's Sari is better than taking cover under Mike Procters underwear or Brisbane Radio Jockey's panties like the shameless idiots Symonds and Hayden did!

says it all about the series really.

Disappointing all round.

My youngest was on a hat-trick on saturday and his third ball hit offstump but the bail didn't move!!1

No: Same thing happened in a Puras match on the weekend. (Can't remember which match it was.) The fielding side went up for a caught behind which was turned down. Further inspection - do the Pura commentators have access to a TV feed? - revealed that the ball had clipped off peg, but hadn't dislodged the bail.

Both the Indian and Aussie teams need to sit around, have a few beers, tea or whatever they drink and watch the Poms in action against NZ. It will improve the mood in both camps immensely. "Harmison just bowled another wide, no way?!", "Some no name called Mills got 4 wickets in 3 overs, no way?!"

GBH: Generally Bloody Harmless.

Generally Bloody Homesick.

What a waste. Maybe he should shack up with Paper Cut and Jesse Ryder.

Sutherland is puffing his chest out when he knows there's no chance of conflict or him having to actually stand up for anything.

He's India's bitch and he knows it. If the gutless little gimp had stood up to the lying extortionists when they were in the country then I might have been impressed.

Ooh, good comeback Vikram.

Looks like Tony's attracted another bitter little troll. Everybody say 'hello' to Vikram...

Nah - fvck off Vicki!

After Haydo's comment on the wahless I now refer to Harbajan as Hymenachne. It's a nationally significant weed.

All the Indian players have a weed-name.

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