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2 weeks into a season and these are the odds:

Skilled Stadium
Sun 6th Apr
13:10 Geelong 1.02
Melbourne Demons 13.00

Now THAT has to be some kind of record!

Race you to the priority pick...we'll never stop, stop, stop etc etc...

RT: You'll win two thousand bucks if you put a million bucks on the Cats. Tempting, no? Just think of what two thousand dollars will buy you.

TC: Port beating Melbourne to the PP ain't gonna happen. We're gonna flop, flop, flop, 'til we shop, shop, shop for the draft goodies.

You went within a bee's dick of getting Peter Matera back in '96 or thereabouts, if I recall.

Woewodin's coaching Old Easts this year. They gave Perth their first R1 win since about 1763, then lost the derby by twelve goals.

As far as Judd's concerned, you've dodged a bullet. And Greg Swann appears to have only just realised that they've caught it. Not that I care - even after the Federal Court fine comes out, Pratt's still got an awful lot of cartel cash to piss up the wall.

Uncle Harry would like a word with you.

Carn: Funny thing about Judd. We all thought he should do the right thing, the romantic thing, and lead his childhood team Melbourne to glory. Yet, more than a few WA friends cautioned that I ought to be careful what I wished for. So far the Carlton people might be a little uneasy, but I'd still love to see him trotting around in the red & blue.

Biggy Baby: You've lost me. Who's Uncle Harry and what's he got to do with the Dees or antimacassars?

I recently saw an excellent photo of the back of Joe Gutnick's head from a mining conference. Possibly his sister too. Inspiring. Must find them for you. If he actually digs up some f*cking diamonds through his company that I have extremely speculative shares in, I really won't care how the c*nt f*cked up the Dees. Do I need an asterix here? You don't at my place, but just being polite.
The Worst of Perth

Every freakin' chair that was ever on The Sullivans had an antimacassar.

Uncle Harry (Michael Caton) is from The Sullivans.

Kevin Caton played one game for the West Coast Eagles.

Andy Lovell played for the West Coast Eagles after a distinguished career with Melbourne (talk about ya dud trades).

There's your connection - which I just made up then.

$1,000,000 @ 1.02 = $1,020,000. Do the maff....

Bloody hell, you're right! I'm getting on.

Let's compare that to bank interest.

If you put it on right before the bounce I don't think you will get less than 1.01 so lets call that 1% over 4 hours. Banks are paying about 7%pa right now (to be generous) which I think works out to 0.003% over that same 4 hours. Which would be 3k instead of 10.

Seems like a reasonable risk reward still at 3 times over the odds of doing nothing.

I'll just fish that spare million out of my wallet.

Or is it $300.

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