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Dedicated Follower of Fashion.(with updated references) I could handle any of your NO list provided they are not done "faithfully" like a cover band.

You are like one of those music critics who rates bands according to how few fans they have. And when asked to name your best 10 songs of the 80's would name 10 Tiny Tim B-Sides.

"You Really Got Me? NO" Doesn't even give a reason why don't want to hear it, except perhaps to suggest that you are too cool to listen to anything that made the Aus top 10.

10 songs of the 80's would name 10 Tiny Tim B-Sides

You talking to me or Tnes.

I plead guilty.

What, no "Freebird"? No "Stairway to Heaven"? No "Macarena"? Sacrilege.

You really gotta go those good times, no matter where they've gone. If they were good enough for Diamond Dave ...

If you want, I'll name Tiptoe Through The Tulips ten times.

That's about how I remembered it too before the double whiskies and actresses kicked in after the show.

I'd add that for a sixtysomething with a notoriously troubled past, Ray was a very lively, relaxed and affable showman, clearly enjoying this part of his life a lot, and with some good quips and a voice that seems to have improved with age. Unlike some of his audience.


Man I'm wondering why I didn't book tickets.

"Picture book .....lal la do do dadda .."

and btw it's:

"me mum, me brover and I"

You want to hear a confession: me no like I.

Dunno why. Just do.

Lucky he didn't play Better Things, I understand that you have to be dead to hear that.

The Kinks were definitely a tier or two below The Beatles, the Stones or the Who. That's why their albums were sold cheaply on the Astor Star label in Australia. People wouldn't pay full price for them.
A sort of Small Faces with a longer lifespan, and without Stevie Marriott's voice ; like Traffic, but without musical ability.
Listen to "Dogs", "Pictures of Lily" -- or anything -- by the Who, and you'll see the socio-musical background the Kinks tried to explore, but didn't quite succeed.
Not as good as Gerry and the Pacemakers, but probably a bit better than Freddy and the Dreamers.
They had a couple of good songs.

If I could just stop spluttering. There, that's better.

Professor Rosseforp has taken wrong-headed rock snobbery to a new level.

Better than Freddie & The Dreamers? Everybody was better than Freddie's manic music hall schtick and choreographed lantern-jawed band. Not as good as Gerry & The Pacemakers? Only in certain deep parochial corners of Liverpool where porridge was considered a balanced meal.

Small Faces; Traffic; and The Who were all great. So were the Kinks. They do not suffer by comparison with any of the above.

I would have loved to have heard All Day; Set Me Free; Picture Book; & Victoria above all others if I'd been there.

Some Lost related trivia: the late Charlie Pace sang the Kink's song "He's Evil" in the episode "The 23rd Psalm" and it was also background music in the "Fire + Water" episode.

Charlie was a big Kinks fan which no doubt inspired his "Drive Shaft" (the name of his prior band)offerings like "You All Everybody".

As I understood, the Kinks didn't get the best service when they were on Pye in the UK. It wouldn't surprise me at all if their Australian distribution was poor as well.

Prof was being sarcastic. I think.

At their bests. The Kinks were every bit as good as the Who, not quite as good as the Stones or Beatles.

At their worsts. They all had their faults, but at least the Beatles has the good manners to leave when they knew it was time to leave. Most everything the Stones, the Who and the Kinks have done since about 1980 (probably earlier) was a turgid bore.

Case in point. The Who's latest album, Endless Wire - Who's Shit! Absolutely dreadful.

PS: The hideous overaged teenager Tracee Hutchison interviewed Davies on the 7:30 Report on Thursday. Talk about a head tilting, coquette suckfest.

I don't want to live in a world where people can really think the Beatles were better than the Kinks.

My favourite ever Stones song is post-1980. Come to think of it, its post-1990 even.

Au contraire, Tony T., I was deadly serious. The Kinks had a couple of good songs, but so did Elvis. If I'd recorded as many songs as Elvis, I might easily have had a hit record, too.
Amanda, the world you live in does think the Beatles were better than the Kinks -- by a country mile. In spite of Tim Rogers' career built on a passing resemblance to Pete Townsend with a Ray Davies haircut, the Kinks have had minimal impact on subsequent music, and properly occupy a place on "Greatest Brit hits of the 60s" with the Dave Clark 5, the Tremeloes (sans Brian Poole), and the Scaffold.
On the other hand Amanda, the Stones had a creative lacuna post-Brian Jones, and their latest album, Bigger Bang, is their best since Sticky Fingers -- leaving about 30 years worth of albums which are pretty samey -- but they have never hit the heights of Under My Thumb, Paint it Black, Sympathy for the Devil. Back of my hand comes pretty close.

P: Hard marker on The Kinks. But is that a sign you're a fair marker on You Am I? Straya's most over rated band. I throw it in for debate. Or maybe Weddings Parties Anything. Or Hunners & C'lectors. Actually, it's probably Silverchair.

A: Much as I like the Kinks more than the Beatles, I've never been able to bring myself to judge them better than the Beatles.

But for me the Kinks are a far sight better than the DC5 (and the MC5, for that matter), the Tremeloes with or without Brian Poole, The Small Faces, Freddie & the Dreamers, Gerry & the Pacemakers with or without Arthur Mack (thanks, Wiki) and Traffic.

In the Shanghai noodle factory, place where I once used to be, noooo where, doing nothing.

Sorry. Pavlov's dog drooled on me.

It's difficult to get a clear perspective on the Beatles given that I - like many others, I suspect - had absorbed the first five years of their work by osmosis by the time I cleared my teens. On the other hand, I was a late-in-life Kinks convert when, a few years ago, I was flipping through a Kutprice Kinks Kompilation (past the usual fucked-amp suspects) and landed on the brilliant Victoria.

So I reckon the Beatles were better, but there's a definite bias there. Still reckon the White Album was self-indulgent, though.

PS: Silverchair.

Tony T., yes I listened to the latest You Am I album a while back. I'm repeating myself, but I thought that when they got an extra guitarist a few years back they probably should have got a singer and songwriter instead.
Carneagles, I agree with your estimation of the Beatles' white album. Again, at the risk of repeating myself, have a listen to Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man, which was written when Donovan and the Beatles were in India together, and I think Donovan's is the better album. I would also toss in Abbey Road, which, with its scraps of songs and hooks, is a little too much like Wings for my liking. The production, experience and professionalism almost carry it off, but it's very weak.
Also, Manfred Mann was better than the Kinks.P.J. Proby was -- and is -- better than Elvis.

Luckily my musical appreciation does not depend on toting up the sterile algebra of "importance."

yeah yeah yeah

I guess millions of us still keep getting the maths wrong on the beatles.

I appreciate the Kinks too I think.

SO. How about them Demons?

At any one point my fave band has been the Beatles, the Stones, the Who or The Kinks. But across the journey, the Beatles loom largest. They virtually invented - codified, maybe - modern popular music. (If that can't start an argument, nothing will.)

Interestingly, I divided the Beatles with the Kinks and discovered the remainder was Agadoo.

Demons? Whuzzat?

"Here's a stat for youse: On the Wednesday before Easter in 1973 my mum, my brother and me went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Palais in St Kilda. On the Wednesday before Easter 2008, my brother and me (and Nabakov) went to see Ray Davies at the Palais in St Kilda. If that amazing coincidence is not a good enough reason to preserve the Palais and Luna Park from the developer's wrecking ball, then my name's Grollo."

Does this mean Nabakov is your archetypal Mother figure, or am I misinterpreting?

You're misarchetyping.

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