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Players are only worth what they are worth to the IPL because of their deeds elsewhere. Players who play de novo for IPL will not attract that sort of money. Therefore they will have to showcase their wares in another form of cricket before succumbing to the lure of Mammon. India is a market unto itself, and I think Test cricket is still viable - but the days of tours to Bangladesh and endless CB series are over.

That said, the money in county cricket has certainly attracted the cream of the umpiring fraternity away from Test cricket, and the IPL looks to be doing the same.

So you are now posting in Esperanto?

Did any English players get picked up by IPL?
If so, WHY?

Craddock may have something, the IPL will make India the best team in world cricket, at 2020.

lets see how those skills match up over 5 days.

There is, obviously, a much bigger luck element in T20 than in the other forms of the game. If young domestic players have their salaries and futures based on how well they play in T20, then their careers will be very rollercoastery. When there's a lot of luck involved, you need a lot of games to sort out the good from the lucky, and the bad from the unlucky.

Which leads on to the IPL expanding, which I think it will. This will make the eventual winners more likely to be the best team, and start to encroach on the rest of the cricketing calendar. As long as its only ODI's that get pushed out of the way, I'm happy.

I agree with Tone that there'll be other leagues set up, presumably with most of them running at the same time as the IPL, to minimise conflicts.

chrisl: No English players have yet been signed up, but they'll probably start soon. County cricketers tend to be paid pretty well, so there's less of an incentive for them to go to India. Most of the players on the county circuit wouldn't command huge IPL salaries, but some of them will (Dmitri Mascarenhas's name as been suggested) do pretty well for themselves.

I tend to think India will be the best test team in 3 years but 20/20 has little, if anything, do with it.

More rise and fall of sporting dynasties, population and some economics.

Like Jrod said, if anything 20/20 could detract from their test performance.

Personally i'm looking forward to the IPL, only because it will give me something to do on weeknights.

Nice piece.

At the moment the ECB line on the IPL is that they expect centrally contracted players to fulfill their contracts. Also plenty of waffle about how the 'future tours programme' is sacrosanct...

We'll see how long that lasts.

Wonder who is going to be the cricketing version of Curt Flood?

No. It not is Esperanto.

PS: Call me Ludo.

Calling Kebab a cheater is the pot calling kettle black mate.. golf balls in gloves, catches on the bounce, standing when caught at first slip? Aren't you forgetting recent events?

sorry my mistake, was squash ball not golf ball.. that reduces the 'cheater' tag I would think

Sorry, Nammy, not buying your equivocation.

Squash ball in the glove - not illegal.

Claiming a catches that you think bounced - not illegal.

Standing your ground and waiting for the umpire's decision - not illegal.

Keeper with a ruddy great pocket instead of a web - illegal.

"Which have been the better matches? The low scoring scraps or Sunday's run glut?"

I vote the low-scoring scrap-fests. I rarely find one-day cricket as riveting as I have for most of this series.

Namya123, I think Dhoni's a great character, and I doubt he deliberately set out to contravene the rules. However, Dhoni's gloves were ILLEGAL. Nothing else you mentioned is.

Why are some people so obsessed with Gilchrist's squashball, anyway? I don't notice anyone else rushing to use one. If a squashball gave one player such an advantage, why isn't everyone doing it?

Gilly's squashball benefit is purely all in Gilchrist's mind. Like Steve Waugh's red handkerchief. Did anyone think Steve Waugh's hanky should be banned?

Spot on Jonah. This has been one of the better summers of Fifty50. Chuck in some Indian shenanigans for garnish and the last ever tri-series will go down as one of the best.

"Did anyone think Steve Waugh's hanky should be banned?"

Not 'banned' no - maybe 'wrapped round a pineapple and shoved up his arse' perhaps, but nothing as draconian as outright banning.

Funny. I think along the same lines whenever anyone touches gloves.

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