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I have been sked to talk anything film/acting on this blog ever since you dissed me for liking American Beauty. Plus all the other movie-critiquing heavy hitters who comment here make this place a veritable hotbed of fear.

Did I diss you for that? I don't remember. Oh well, just to make sure: American Beauty bites.

Hotbed of Fear. That's a good name for this blog.

Disagreed with / dissed. It's all the same for ultra sensitive people like me.

I've just been handed a pair of DVDs. One with BM and one with the first 2 UB eps.

I wonder if we will be discussing UB in a decade's time?

My favorite Carl pic. "She's real purdy, yuk yuk."

One of my self-appointed nicknames was Carl The Truth. I liked it because it was a quirky, out of the box nickname for a heavyweight boxer. Plus, I always spake much truth, so it worked on a number of levels.

This was way before Carl The Wobble Bottom came along. Quite a coincidence, non?

See also:


Biggie R. FWIW I liked American Beauty too.

But like you the cognescenti/poseurs/pseuds around here have tried to put the frighteners on me.

But like Dudelove and Humankind I'll be back.

The only thing that I didn't like (which I missed initially, but it started to bug me on the 2nd and 3rd viewing) was the "my parents don't understand me" sub theme. That is sooooo The Breakfast Club. :)

And unlike, say, Highlander I don't think it's a movie I can watch too often. I don't think there'll be a 4th viewing for quite some time.

My fave part: Where he's bin working out heaps, and he's bailed up his daughter's friend in the kitchen and he does the big come-on "You like.... muscles?" Hahaha. I'm laffing just typing this. What a slick line.

Were Dudelove and Humankind in American Beauty and/or the Breakfast Club?

more like the "I'll have you for Breakfast" Club

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