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and if you enjoy Kyril's gilt-frame of mind, you may also enjoy the Lovejoy novels by Jonathan Gash.

Kyril won me over with this line from 'After You With The Pistol'

- Sleep slunk up like a black panther and sank its kindly fangs into what remained of the Mortdecai brain.

I was loathe to mention Lovejoy given the TV show was so dreadful after the first series; especially the latter dross. Nor have I read the books.

Still, I WAS thinking something along the lines of Lovejoy meets Minder

I also recommend a novel from the early 1960s, "Pop. 1280", about a simple sheriff in a small town. Think "In the heat of the night", and think of the dialect writing of "Huckleberry Finn". The hero is very likeable given that so many people die on his watch.

"Have you ever thought about taking up squash Jock? You'd make a wonderful wall."

The Mortdecai books are a fun read. Well at least the first two. "Something Nasty" gets pretty weird and downbeat at the end.

Kyril's "All The Tea In China" is also worth a look. A hearty Flashmanesque romp speckled with fun details like how to get rid of maggots in the stilton by pouring hot port over the cheese.

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