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Tomorrow's papers should be good.

d'you reckon Hayden has cottoned on to the Symonds principle - be contra-ver-shul and reap the rewards in IPL dosh?

Could be. If anything this escalation in hostilities will make the T20 memorable in spite of the cricket.

I think Singh and the Asutralian team deserve each other.

They both ape each other.

Obnoxious little weed suits Harbhajan well.

How about Hayden?

Sanctimonious little prick? :)

Sanctimonious big prick.

Good comeback Boo...

Boo- would YOU get into a ring with Matty ?

>> Boo- would YOU get into a ring with Matty ?

Only if he promises to kiss his cross and show the other cheek every time I punch him.

You would need to pay me IPL dollars to get in the ring with Haydos. Funny things to have said, and in the public domain as well - sounds like the words of a man who believes he is untouchable. He's about to collect his super from IPL, and I don't think we'll be seeing another Boxing Day performance in 2008.


I have no doubt you'd like to punch Hayden around the ring...


And I have no doubt you're a little pathetic troll. :)

Haydos may be big, but he can still hit the deck, just like any other bloke. He says unconvincingly.


I'm not a troll. I've been commenting on this site long before you got your job at the Optus call centre.

>> long before ...

Then you're positive proof that older doesn't necessarily equate with wiser. :)


Haven't you got some urgent cold-calling to do?

Forgive me if I repeat myself but Ponting and Haydos both look a bit 'tard (it's the eyes) so I call Haydos Tardos.

Murph to lovingly cup my balls.

Anyone read Spanky's latest epistle on this issue? It is was typical Spanky for mine - started off with a good premise (just STFU and play cricket), but halfway the sanctimonious windbag got caught up in his own pharisaic hyperbole and it became another missive delivered direct from the right Rev Spanky's sermon on the mount.

See what I did there? I Spankified my own post - started off well...

Funny you should mention that, Astro.

I thought Tardos nailed it. I heard the sound grab for the first time last night and his delivery was pretty bloody funny, too.

But the shine was taken off what would otherwise be a top rate shit stir with all the preceding childish carry-on. IMHO, of course.

/Two cricket puns. Both unintentional.

Spanky Roebuck = Fred Nile = Suresh Rajan

It's almost if the media need a "go to" man to get a DICKHEAD comment on all subjects. Just to stir the pot. Trouble is, I think Spanky's taken a bit more seriously that the other 2 clowns. Won't be long before he's truly relegated to clown category.

Spanky could almost be Fairfax's Anthony Mundine, but from what I've heard Mundine is in reality a pretty good bloke.

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