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Looks like the rest of us are about as interested in this as saying 'sorry'.

It's because you all come from the savage wilds outside Victoria.

A footy rumour then: Chris Judd is on $1,000,000 a year from Visi for six hours "work" a week to "consult on environmental matters".

Let's call it a salary crap, shall we.

See above comment for total level of interest in Judd jackanapery.

Carlton refusing to learn from past mistakes?


Is it too much to ask we don't still keep dropping bloody sitters.

Fargen Haydos!

How's the internet in Vic going? Heard they shut it down just like Google did for China.

Judge Betty pulled the plug.

Would it be impolitic of me to suggest that the Nine and ABC commentators have no farken idea? After 25 overs it was apparent the WACA pitch was a little awkward, a little slow, but Nine said a million times - at least a million! - that it was a 300 pitch. Then the ABC duffers - except for when Terry Alderman had me nodding off until Glen Mitchell woke me up after "A DOT BALL!!!!" - were astounded Straya could be bowled out then kept saying 230 odd was nowhere near enough.

re Underbelly: too little, too late.
It is far too soon to be saluting those crims, and the entire production should never have been allowed to begin, having said that - imagine the ruckus at Barwon Prison on viewing night.
which brings me to the ad breaks: the Nine advertising manager spruiking the timeslot to clients needing the viewer demographic? sunglasses, mobile phones, travel agents, at the Associate level, beer, hoodies, beer, tatt parlours, and beer at the lower level?


Check that whole site or be stood over.

Greg Workman (the 1st death on Underbelly seemed like a charmer. http://www.melbournecrime.bizhosting.com/alphonse.gangitano.htm#Greg%20Workman

Even Wayne Carey has a page!

Been there, Biggy Baby.

Ten o' the best phone book thumps for you. Or would Sir prefer to be whacked.


Good to see it's bin kept up to date. This site is one of the reasons I'm not too fussed about catching it on the teev. Who wants to see peeps playing dress-ups when you've got it all there on your computer, in easily digestible, pick-up-and-put-down, tabloidy chunks? Although I'm still laffing at the choice of Carl Williams. Absolutely superb casting and makeup (not sure about the acting - surely he wasn't that thick?).

This is very cool. Certainly in the memory banks for any time I have to give someone called Fred a pump shotty to the grille.


A gunman walked up to Harrison and said, 'This is yours Fred', and blasted half his head away with a 12-gauge shotgun. He fired less than a metre from Harrison's head.

This happened in front of dozens of work mates. At least 30 dockies had been standing nearby working on a ship, the River Murchison, moored at the wharf.

All claimed to have seen nothing including Hayes who was covered with Harrison's blood and brains.

The good old days.

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