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But he looks the part, dunn'ee. That grey coat and scarf - very John Le Carre.

So, it's really like, sort of, a Search Warrant with Extreme Prejudice.

The Grey men strike back.

The Grey men strike back.

So they couldn't kill Castro, Saddam, Mugabe, Hitler, Kim-Il...they were too busy knocking Diana on the head. Makes sense to me.

Helen: A confession. I never wanted to be Bond, I wanted to be M. Oxbridge. Much safer. Nice office. Fine lunches at fine clubs. The "Garden" for all the best music. And excellent threads.

Had a jar or two with a pal in a pub in Wandsworth many years back.

Said pub quite frequently called on the nearby Ministry of Defence building - just quietly: "we've another MOD laptop turn up when we cleaned the pub last night".

The sheer mechanics of getting pissed after work, and bringing national secrets hoem safely was somewhat of a stretch for the odd public servant.

Channel Seven would have a field day finding things in the gutter.

Well, it is all about accounting, as any spy & any fan of "The Sandbaggers" knows.

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