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Off topic.

Why is Tony Grieg making shit up about what he saw on Hot Spot when Stuey Clark was out caught behind?

"Yes, you can just see a little mark there."


What's he got to gain by telling porkies?

Pascoe's making divots in t'green.

Ellie's pounding down like a machine

Andy Chappells' eyes have got that killer gleam

How's that moral high ground now St Sachin?

Can someone answer me this then:

Why would Bill Lawry say "He won't get that... left armer bowling over the wicket" in response to Johnston's appeal for elbee of Irfy?

Why bloody not? What is wrong with a lefty bowler getting a lefty batsman elbee? I mean, by Bill's logic and righty bowler shouldn't get a righty batsman elbee.


Spot on, Bruce.

I was writing the previous comment when I saw TLM given not out by Rudi despite a clear edge.

The Strayan team MUST refuse to continue the CB Series until Rudi is replaced.

Nice one from Heals: "I wonder if Straya will go to the same lengths as India after some bad decisions."

Honestly, that has tainted the match for me. Will be a pyrrhic victory if India wins. Sad. Aussie, Indian, Martian - if you nicked it and you know it, bloody well walk.

Dunno about walking, Boo, but at the rate things are going they will be using TV replays for everything by about this time next year.

Rodney Hogg on Aunty is worth the 7 cents. Absolute gold. Rudi is having a shocker (of a career). Can you imagine if Tendulkar, on his valedictory tour of India, having announcement his retirement, got fired off the edge for elbee in front of 80000 at Eden Gardens? There wouldn't be enough of Rudi left to fill an urn.

It's very simple. Either you are honest or you're not. I would rather we lost every single match for eternity than cheat to win.

Nick: Speaking of the raydeeo: F~~ken Spanky and Idiot Drew are talking down the non-dismissal of TLM. "It's a loud stadium" etc. Get a grip, ya pinheads!

Boo: An eminently admirable sentiment, but one that's 99% doomed in professional modern cricket.

>> one that's 99% doomed

I don't see why that's necessarily true. Everybody needs to get behind it and demonise it. It may be hard to prove that you *knew*, so people may still get away with it, but if there's enough stigma attached to it, at least senior players with a reputation to preserve will think better of it. Shame will work better than nothing at all.

The Delay!

The trouble with the radio is that if you listen to your local ABC on a wahless you get the commentary coming through about five seconds before the telly pitchers. And if you listen to your local ABC on your local internet you get the telly pitchers coming through about five minutes before the commentary.

Heard someone the other day making excuses relating to satellite transmissions, etc, but doubtless we're being taken for a ride by Nine and the TV advertisers.

Boo: Professional sportspeople have shame beaten out of them about the same time they learn to say "We are taking it one match at a time."

>> if there's enough stigma attached to it

Like nobody used underarm bowling in an ODI for 10 years even though it wasn't illegal. When it did happen, it tainted the offender for life.

What did Adam Smith say? I don't expect the baker or the butcher to serve me for my interest, rather for their own (or words to that effect). Why put international players in the position where they have to choose between what is perceived to be 'right' by Boo and others and what is 'right' for them and theirs?

Next season, I want to see a camera where our current crop of umpires stand. Bucknor, Koertzen are incompetent, Bowden is a joke, and the rest are variably acceptable to the various teams. Although that said, I don't see anyone complaining that Taufel is umpiring in this game. I wonder whether we will see a photoshopped Rudi in an Indian ODI uniform after this game, similar to the Bucknor in the Australian Test uniform after Sydney.

And Spanky. Joke. I've never heard him happier than when TLM was smashing Lee around the park. His English blood rises to the groin at the thought of supporting a valiant and heroic loser rather than a winner.

TLM gawn.

Top finger-roller from Johnston.

Tubby [when Straya were about 6 for 140]: "Sometimes the best games are when one side is chasing a small total."

Touch wood.

Yuvy will have fond memories of this tour.

Touch wood.

Kebab is a very good man in a tight spot.

With Straya still to get 10 overs out of their part-timers India should do this comfortably.

Great that Hoggy is getting a long spell in the ABC commentary.

Maybe he's TOO interesting. ABC will replace him with Terry Jenner, Drew, Bob Massie, Terry Alderman.

A team with Cometti, Spanky, Hoggy, Flemmo and Skull would be gold.

Never watched Dalziel & Pascoe but mistaking Yorkshire for Birmingham is just not on. Let's make Mark Butler face an over from Brett Lee with the blank-out batting goggles I saw on an episode of Sleek Geeks. Hang on, did you say he was from the Australian? Make that a total blindfold.

It's indeed a stupid mistake, but you're not missing much, Laddie, D&P JTSed a while ago.

A blindfold and a Boycott?

Rudy, Morgan, Benson & Hedges have stolen all the blindfolds.

Is that Superintendent Andy Dalziel we're talking about? If we can get the spelling and pronunciation of Dalziel correct, let's fix up the orthography of his title, because I suspect Andy would be a stickler for that sort of thing -- in spite of his droogy past.

Maybe you could shove all this shit in your little EMPTY, ignorant minds.

Thanks for the valuable heads-up, Cedes. I've got that top of my to-do list.

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