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Wrath of Khan is out, Sharma in. No other changes for India.

Australia unchanged from Melbourne.

Punter wins the toss and bats.

It's Kolkata 2001 all over again and Punter will make his decisions under the gun (weather forecast dodgy for last 3 days of Test)...

RP gets Hungry with a short, wide one. AUS 1 for 0!

and so it begins

Least the Indians new young bloke has started better than Harmi last year. Haw. Haw.

Happy new year to all. Was away for the last test but didn't disagree with the general gist of the conversation.

Hungry's not setting himself up for much of a run in the side here. His tendency to get out to stupid shots (particularly after reaching milestones) and his nervous looking starts are going to bite him when he has a run of bad luck.

Bucknor is umpiring - can't he retire for 08?

Fuck. RP gets Haydos.

Great catch by TLM off a solid edge from Haydos via a nice nut from RP again.

Roebuck reckons Punter was out even though he says "I didn't hear anything". The only reason he gives is that all the Indians went up confidently and they wouldn't have if there wasn't something there.

I really don't understand how Roebuck keeps his job.

You never see a cricket team appeal when someone's not out, do you?

Having said that, there was a noise.

Knew I should have touched wood when I wrote that "RP Singh didn't really provide much of an edge in Melbourne and if you had a better righty, you'd play him."


If all the Aussies went up for a so-called catch that "he didn't hear" Spanky would criticise them for trying to con the umpire in unison, and that it was an age old tactic.

Iron Gloves!

What if the whole Indian crowd went up in a monkey chant?

6/300+ at stumps. Pup gets a ton in the tea session reminiscent of Dougy at his best.

Parky's on The Nicholas Show. (Simon's at the races... probably.)

I can't handle the way Bill calls it "the luncheon break" instead of the lunch break.

Looks like Mr Smug is touching wood as well.

The Indians are never in too much of a hurry are they? 25 overs in the session, without any apparent reason for it.

Not the best session for us, but could have been worse. India's lax fielding is keeping us from feeling any great pressure, but like in Melbourne, they seem to have a knack of prising out players regardless.

At the very least, Kumble should have been hustling for one more over before lunch.

2 for 90+ in the first sesh of any Test isn't too shabby.

Let's hope India open up with Dravid again. They could promote Yuvraj up to open, and let him do his best V. Slog impression, letting the rest of the order bat in their usual positions. India have been very reactive - they've been outplayed, but they've certainly been out planned and out thought.

I can see why India would stick with the same eleven, apart from the injury change.

Maybe they are just echoing what Wicky wrote: that India just haven't been here long enough to get properly organised.

I mean, it's not as if they are a bunch of hacks. You could be right about Yuvy to open, but if it's Dravid still at the top...

Bill probably has a packed lunch of Devon and sauce sandwiches. Hence the luncheon terminology.

Luncheon meat head.

I slept through the morning session. Shameful, I know, but it's been as hot as hell in Adelaide the last week and my apartment feels like an oven. Looking like the Indians are already improved from Melbourne going by the scorecard. Are they fielding any better this time around?

I need a very important issue resolved. Which do you prefer?

a) The flat-faced boundary rope in Sorth Efrica, or

b) The slope-faced boundary rope in Straya.

TLM took a very good catch to get rid of Rev. Flatty. But it's not their catching at issue, is it. They are giving up less singles, twos and threes, and I haven't seen anyone escort the ball to the boundary yet.

Dhoni Kebab missed a difficult stumping, which clipped Ponting's pad off Harby.

I prefer the sloped rope in Straya, Tony.

Good to see Russ with us again, too.

Speaking of Russ, it's good to see Nine just then highlighting Hungry's slack dismissal.


Ponting was lucky to get away with that loopy miss-hit to deep backward square. Doubly lucky to get four from it.

Dravid's not the best guy to be having at deep-backward square, but he should still have caught that. And Ricky Ponting needs to settle down- no one cares about flashy 50's anymore.

Ponting, ElBee, Big edge.


What a dodgy decision that was! You have to give Ponting credit for just walking off instead of spitting the dummy. Not sure I could have done that.

He should have stood and look "disappointed" like Yuvy in Melbourne. What a dodgy non-decision that was.

Which is what he did. What's the bet he will now get fined for dissent.

Fielding was better before lunch, but they've regressed again for the moment. What's with Dravid at the moment? Negative batting, negative fielding. Throw yourself at the ball.

Made no difference I guess... shocking decision though.

On another note, there is a fair bit of bounce in this pitch. Ponting didn't get over a couple of shots - not to mention Jacques. Might make it interesting when its our turn to bowl.

Oh fuck, now Hussey just gives TLM some gentle catching practice.

Instead of getting 600 like we should, we're 4 for 119. Sometimes I think our batting lineup is massively over-rated.

Hussey, caught Tendulkar, bowled RP.


What was that I was saying about dodgy decisions changing a game?

F**k? Is this a family blog? Sorry, I'll use asterixes in future.

Clarke, ElBee, Harby.


Awful leave. What was he thinking?

Oh for F**k sake... what was Clarke thinking? Must have been thinking about fillers, or filling Lara Bingle or something.

Just use the bat, Pup.

Oh, jesus, what are you doing Clarke?

I don't know if they are over-rated, but you really don't want Roy and Gilchrist coming in with the score less than 200. We are going to be real thankful for the depth in the tail before the day is out.

Gilly, caught TLM, bowled Singh,


I wish we'd lost the toss.

We're going to need the depth in the tail before the day is half-out.. as is Gilchrist, almost a carbon copy of Mr Cricket's dismissal.

Pretty limp display this, I have to say. India have bowled well, for sure, but Australian test batsmen should be able to cope with good bowling.

Dodgy dismissals have strange and evil power, Wicky.

Singh a songh of six-fer.

Very good, Tony.

What the f*** is Hogg doing? It isn't as he isn't scoring runs. Hit the ball into the ground.

The commentators are amazing with catches. It's either a blinder or a shocking miss, it's rarely anywhere in between.

Naturally Bill got stuck into Instant Karma for not catching Hogg, but there is no way that skied chance was easy. Kudos for Dick and Slatts for saying so.

I wish the commentators would stop trying to break this partnership.

I can't work out why Hogg is being praised for making 20. He is a perfectly capable all-rounder with a first class average in the mid-30s. His shot selection borders on the moronic, but he is no muppet.

Ahh, Morgan Freeman to the rescue. Very lucky escape there for Sideshow Roy, after a good ball.

True. Thanks, Morg.

But Instant Karma needs to chill.

Ricky Ponting said 'We won't be caught with our pants down' but it sure looks like we've been caught short in this Test so far.

What a disgraceful decision. Sad to think we are actually doing better by the umpiring so far today.

Symonds seems determined to make amends by getting himself out. This has not been one of Straya's better efforts.

It's a dead set relief when you are on the right end of a dodgy decision, but it's also a dead set embarrassment.

4/120 odd in a session. What is this? A one day game.

Tait won't score 48 runs in his entire Test career.

Steve Bucknor is racist. That is the only explanation for not giving Symonds out.

Onya Hoggy.

Lovely work Bradley. There is a bit of Healy about this knock. All bustle and luck, but handy as hell.

Massive let-off for Sideshow from the third umpire. I reckon the commentators were right, except that the view from behind shed doubt on whether his foot was definitely off the ground.

Is Symonds out or not? these fuckheads on the radio just won't say. Oh, right. Symonds hits a single so e mustn't be out.

It's getting harder and harder this Test cricket. Hack comedians on the radio, braggarts on the TV, Light beer at the ground that can't be skulled (oz spelling), what's the point anymore.

When you see that "bit of sunlight" that Tubby is talking about, you can't tell if the bails are off.

Hard to tell on a screen an inch high, but there is a tendency for the commentators to use the frame where the gloves touch the stumps instead of the frame where they are definitively broken. In this case it makes all the difference I suspect. Not exactly a vintage knock from Symonds but a 50 at 6 for 130 odd is worth every run.

Why oh why wouldn't you put in a third man to these two. Between Symonds cut and Hogg's dabs they've given up a packet of runs.

And also that short gap from backward square to mid wicket where they've knocked a heap of singles.

They should put Yuvy Shwing there, who according to Heals "is one of the better fielders."

I'm with Tone. Symonds was *probably* out, but you can't see that the bails are completely dislodged, ergo not out. What was that decision that went Slater's way all that time ago? Simon Taufel in the 3rd Umpire's slot giving him not out even though he was out by a foot, on account of not being able to see the stumps being disturbed.

How good is Hoggy, eh?

I remember something at Bellerive where the umpire pushed the not-out button by mistake when a batsman was out by a mile. Can't remember who the batsman was, but I think Jacks Kallis was the bowler.

I was in the car while that stumping attempt happened, and it was Harsha v Skull on the radio.

It looked clearly out to Harsha, and Skull was sure it was safe. Hilarity ensured.

I reckon Hogg has caught the commentators and the Indians by surprise. Not Russ, though, or the rest of us who know - thanks to Dave On The Cricket - that Hoggy has the record score in Perth 1st Grade.

Tony Greig's hitting the Mozz button pretty hard today, isn't he?

For Auld Lang Syne: Tony Grieg, Bill Lawry and Ian Chappell commentating at the same time.

6/300 and there's an hour to go.


Sideshow: 2/100

12:36 above: "6/300+ at stumps." Thank you, thank you. My amazing powers are proven yet again.

(The rest was obviously just an anti-mozz joke.)

Takes a pretty special brand of cricketer to score a 100 when you're team is ankle-deep in the mire- Sideshow's done it twice in five Tests for us now. He took a while to deliver for Australia, but he's making up for lost time, I'll grant him that.

More than an hour. India are miles behind the over rate, as usual. Roy scoring a hundred helps the scoring along too. The second fifty was pretty good too.

Notice that we are doing somewhat better than in Melbourne now too. The pitch might or might not be better - it certainly isn't playing low - but this isn't a bad total anymore.

Hogg, caught Dravid, bowled Kumble.


Still, great work, Hoggy.

Would you believe 7/300+ at stumps?

See what happens when you go the gloat.

Very good work indeed by Hoggy. Turned what was looking like a Nightmare on Oxford Street into something half way decent. Still would like to see Lee knuckle down and help Roy get the score up- we need more then 400; it's a good batting track.

Brett Lee has no idea against Kumble. There is something to be said for hitting out here, then having a bowl before stumps.

We SEEM TO BE getting a lot of runs along the ground straight. Or is our wagon wheel pretty normal?

I mean, are the India mid off and mid on too wide?

Don't look to be too badly placed to me. Could be that is where they hide their worst fielders though so they're easy to get past.

If we'd got full value from all the Indian full tosses, we'd be another 40 runs at least.

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No details.

The wagon wheel while Hogg was in was mostly through cover and fine. Unless you sweep, Kumble is hard to get away anywhere but straight, so that might be it.

New ball could be interesting. Hard balls go a long way.

Specially when Roy gives them a whack.

The wagon wheel would be clogged for Roy at deep mid-wicket/long-on. Yet all day India have had both a deep mid-wicket and a long-on who can only watch as Roy keeps short-arming it right between them.

That was a terrific, competitive Test, the first competitive Test in ages for Australia, completely ruined before tea on day 1 by atrocious umpiring. Even baseball only gives the batter two letoffs, Roy's had 3. The remaining 4.5 days will now be the usual tedious demolition zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Jeez, Clem. I never had you for a "it would be good if Straya struggled" type of bloke.

Shame, Snide, shame.

Who would have thought that from 6/140(ish) the Aussies would end up over 350?
That is one heck of a fightback. Sideshow wrested the initiative back amazingly well and even had India on the back foot with 5 men on the fence hoping to get Hoggy or Bing on strike. That is a quality couple of knocks.

One way to keep a batsman off strike: let the ball go for four through your legs.

That's bizarre: both sides have to agree to the ground being watered over the course of the Test.

India are replaying Edgaston 05 - but the wrong side.

Like I said before: "I'm glad we won the toss."

Three let offs Clem? The nick behind sure, but the stumping wasn't conclusive, and the lbw looked a good call to me (middle and leg, slipping down). India still have plenty of opportunity to win this. It's their slack, disheartened approach to fielding, Kumble's unimaginative captaincy and the work of the Australian lower order that is killing them.

Symonds looks tired. Be nice if he can hang around till stumps.

Stumps: 7/376.

Bruce is right: "Who would have thought that from 6/140(ish) the Aussies would end up over 350?"

A stunning reversal.

This is comment 100, by the way. Like 400 - a Lara and 300 - a Spartan, it needs a name.

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