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I think Brad Hodge started the conspiracy to get back into the side.

Bottom line for CA is that without top class cricketers, there's no top class cricket.

Whilst it's not quite a worker/management dispute of Miners Strike proportions, it's nice to have a scenario where the guys that do the hard work are ones with the whip hand.

According to Gilly on tonight's news, no Aussie players have actually signed yet - all they've done is submitted expressions of interest.

Still, could have been handled better ... what are the managers taking 20-25% for?

Vale Cricket....

Murali - 709 wickets*

Vale Cricket 2

India playing in Pak
India win first test
India score highly in second test, first innings
then pak 105/5 ish
then pak make 456...

My prediction? Pakistan to win on the last day, tying the series 1-1, preventing the Indians being killed by the crowd, and the Pakistanis being killed by the bookies (hmm...familiar?). I wonder why Centrebet doesn't take bets on India vs Pakistan matches?

James Sutherland is one hamburger away from being called a lanky streak of goose shit, ain't he?

Where's he from?

Melbourne. So, at least he's got that going for him.

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