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This was a rain-affected one-dayer at Sydney in January 1982/3.

No, I was in Melbourne then. You know, I might be all turned around. Maybe it was one day of the Sydney TEST.

Anyhoo, after this game, I flew from Adelaide to Perth sitting next to Tom Hogan.

I can still remember that Beven 4 off the last ball like it was a couple of years ago.

You're right about old style run rates. Growing up in the 70's watching the John Player League, Gillette Cup and B&H Cup, anything around 5 an over was considered a really steep ask.

Chasing 250 off of 60 overs was a 'mammoth' target - whereas today, sides batting for 60 overs would back themselves to get at least a hundred more than that!

Hansie Cronje's admission and conviction killed the one dayers for me.

All those nail biting finishes, one ball to play, three runs to get, etc etc and the mongrel was taking money to throw the game.

I have no reason to believe that every other team wasn't doing exactly the same thing, nobody gives a rat's arse about any player's ODI stats and the lure of the almighty dollar has been hinted at in the Oz dressing rooms more than once.

Kill it off, sez I.

Bring on the mighty Twenty/20 matches wherein I laugh and point, light incense bowls fuelled by ancient jockstraps to raise Bradman's Ghost and have him curse the "marketing gurus" who bastardised our beloved game to the point of parody.

Come on Tony lift your bloody blogging game mate. This post is crying out for YouTube clips to be embedded in it.

Look, I'll save you the blushes and link to Steve Waugh "best outfield catch your ever gonna see":


Hey Tone ... I saw all of those on the telly. Well, not the last one.

82/83 was against the Poms and Kiwis.
Check this out. http://www.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/1980S/1982-83/OD_TOURNEYS/WSC/

I went to a game Vs the Poms at the SCG and managed to get into the members. After the game I was talking to Jeff Thompson in the rooms when Kim Hughes asked me very nicely for sex. Or maybe he said "fuck off". I met most of the Aussie players plus Gower and Botham and shared a taxi with Carl Rackemann and his girlfriend after an unspecified quantity of schooners of "new".

This was the game I was at. I don't recall it raining though. http://www.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/1980S/1982-83/OD_TOURNEYS/WSC/AUS_ENG_WSC_ODI2_11JAN1983.html

My favourite memory of the summer series is David Boon bowling Phil Emery in an Australia vs Australia A game at the MCG.

Second is the wild Tim Zoehrer comeback against the West Indies at the WACA. Absolutely wild scenes even though he did nothing.

Third is Michael Slater somehow ending up bowling against Zimbabwe in Hobart.

Meanwhile I've had another idea for a tournament - it's called the Ford Ranga Cup and is only played between redheaded players from around the country.

Can someone explain the "Ranga"/"Ranger" thing? I really thought that I'd heard them all.

Don't think you'd get a decent 'Strayan side of gingers. But you'd probably get a gun Saffa team. They're everywhere in that part of the world, or so I'm told...

Possibly a team of duds, though - Gary Cosier and Fat Cat Ritchie are 2 notables I can think of. And what colour was Boofhead's hair before he shaved off what was left? Sorry, personal bias.

For starters, Ranger rhymes with Banger, Sanger and Clanger. But don't let the sound confound you. Ranger comes from Orange, as in Oranger.

Craig McDermott is another Bluey.

For you foreign types, a Bluey is a Redhead with Orange hair.

Great vision, James.

"Probably the best outfield catch you've ever seen."

Bill might get an argument from John Dyson. Sadly the only YouTube of Dyson is from Headingly '81, which I am still too traumatised to watch; despite the soothing balm that is countless English floggings since and Adelaide '06.

(Dyson caught Sylvester Clarke, which I'm sure you've been hanging out for.)

There was a great one hander by a West Indian at the World Cup in 2003, but I can't remember who snagged it, or who was the batsman, or who the Windies were playing. I'll see if I can hunt it doon.

That Windies catch Drakes' catch to dismiss John Davison wasn't it?

I saw the Dyson catch on TV at the time, and I have a recollection he was wearing blue - was it in a state game? It was definitely a better catch than Waugh's, good though that is.

No, wrong again - test match vs Windies.


Speaking of Dyson and state games, though, I remember around the same time NSW making 305 in a one-dayer against South Australia. Rick McCosker make 150 odd, and I think Dyson also made 100 as his opening partner. At the time, you just thought "impossible"!

That's definitely the catch I meant. Drakes just stuck one mitt up down at the boundary. Lucky he did, too, because Aussie Davo was flogging them.

22.1 Hinds to Davison, OUT: picked up for the maximum at long on, Drakes waiting for it, taking a brilliant catch just before the ball went over the rope to end a great innings by this Canadian batsman

Any idea what "picked up for the maximum" means?

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