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Windies should be higher up on rankings table - Dyson,

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We will not be intimidated by Australia - Ganguly,




Fitness favours Pakistan in high-stakes finale, Visit:




Ashes series in 2009 may have six Tests, visit:


'Now then, huge cheers greet Stuart Broad who's venturing out for his debut Test innings. He started off as a batsman, like his dad Chris, until he started shooting up and became a fast bowler'.

From Cricinfo.

They could use this on RealFooty next year.

"Ask him about his nuts, they are massive."
Brad Haddin gives a group of journalists a not-so-subtle hint about one of the symptoms of Phil Jaques' recent bout of the mumps

"I realised the ball was bigger than one person, bigger than Gilchrist. It was the public's ball."
In a speech worthy of a film, John, the man who found the ball Adam Gilchrist hit for his hundredth Test six, reveals why he decided to hand it back.

Quotes from Cricinfo.

Look, this is the After Grog Blog, not the 'Best of Cricinfo' Blog. More AfterGrogs and less Cricinfos please.

More of nothing please

How about an After Dog Blog:

Vick Faces Sentencing for Dogfighting

Michael Vick awaited a judge's ruling Monday on how long he will remain in prison for his role in a dogfighting conspiracy.

Co-defendant, Tony Taylor, will be sentenced Friday.

Alarm bells continue to ring with the India-Pakistan series. Pakistan are batting on a road, after Ganguly made his highest ever score in the Indian first innings. He then took the first wicket in the Pakistan first innings. Now, India are on track to concede the greatest number of extras in an innings...and Pakistan are only on 350 odd...

Odd indeed. More column inches will be devoted to the racism of Australian crowds than to the farce of a series in Pakistan. No wonder Test cricket is dying outside of Oz and England.

Given that the crowds for Test cricket are better here than in any other country save England, and the weather here is better than in the Old Dart, and we have a covered stadium, is there a case for Australia playing in Australia year round? Sri Lanka, I'm sure, would love to come, and the Yarps, Poms and Sheep shaggers would all enjoy a visit. I know the West Indian's enjoy the scenery. we could play ODIs and 2020s o/s, and leave the good stuff for home - just like our wine.

Verandah's back in the picture.

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