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You know the drill.

Kinda like letting Boycott use a wider bat and then claim he's another Bradman.

Chuckers ... you fuckers!

"We are in a new era. Bowling is a new skill. Records should show how many wickets bowlers took before the 15-degree rule was introduced and how many they managed after. Because before and after are two different sets of skills."

I wait in anticipation for the "innovative" actions of tomorrow.

Apres Murali le deluge.

Barnes is spot on with the Bodyline comparison, although not for the reasons he hopes.

In the early 20th century a bunch of cheats (MCC, Jardine et al) used the rules against the spirit of the game to bring down a champ who was a great cricketer but somewhat on the nose off the field.

In the early 21st century a bunch of cheats (ICC, Murali et al) used the rules against the spirit of the game to bring down a champ who was a great cricketer but somewhat on the nose off the field.

Deja vu! (French?)

Tone, I think your second point about the second point could be construed as mis-pointed(?). Smiff seems quite clear on the point. Cookie Monster is a chucker. Always was, always will be. He offsets this with a point about the inability to pitch a ball in the same manner using a normal action without breaking something you might need later. (It's all in the wrist, said the vicar to the altar boy...)

I read this article this morning, knowing that I would be reading AGB this arvo. All in all, some good points, and as for Muddyoreally, he's got no point. It's not sour grapes to say he didn't break the record. He's a *uckin' chucker!

It's not quite deja vu, Adsy. Back then the stuffy English gentlemen of the MCC were in charge of the game, and belatedly changed the rules to prohibit a technically legal but unsportsmanlike tactic. Nowadays the third world junta of the ICC is in charge and they belatedly changed the rules to accommodate a technically illegal and unsportsmanlike tactic, albeit only for melanin-enriched players who could not possibly be expected to compete on equal terms with their less pigmented rivals. Compared to Arjuna Ranatunga and those now in charge of the game, Jardine was a saint.

That's exactly right Clem.

You left out the part where any debate or criticism of any outcome that may in some way be perceived to favor the melanin enriched leads to shrill accusations of sour grapes or worse.

It's their way or the highway.

I refuse to read a blog about Patrick Smith as a) the man is an ass clown. b) the man is a dick head, and c) the man bags people who sledge in sport, yet everyone i know who played against say he was a mouthy prick.

I watched a bit of the last session last night and my contempt for the man grows.

When things aren't going their way he is far more prone to send down an ugly chuck. That top-spinner he sends down like flicking a yo-yo is a disgrace and of course it started to come out a lot. It was that very dodgy looking delivery that finally got through Prior as his partnership with Bell had eaten up a lot of overs, time and Murali's patience.

The ball that got Bell was a beautifully bowled off-spinner that looked perfectly correct in its' delivery. A genuine jaffa.

Bruce nails it - the guy can actually bowl properly... it's just that on occasions (when he's not bowling at the UWA) he chucks the occasional ball.

What the English commentators on Sky should do is announce on Day One - "at the end of this test we're going to do a special programme with film from the game of Murali's action".

I bet my bottom dollar that every ball will be clean (and he goes 2-85...)

Nick Rivers is being introduced to members of the resistance in Top Secret:

Du Quois: This is Chevalier, Montage, Detente, Avant Garde, and Deja Vu.
Deja Vu: Haven't we met before?
Nick Rivers: I don't think so.

Patrick Smith was a huuuuge sledger and once got suspended for chesting a batsman; he also had his action heavily, if unofficially, scrutinised.

But at least in both cases he's big enough to admit he was a loose cannon, and that his action was Lee/Shoaib dodgy when he wanted to bowl an extra-quick ball.

Is Jayawardene a poor captain or am I just used to Aussie steamrolling most sides around the world?

End of day four, Sangers and Silva/P.Jayawardene (who I reckon is a great little player) should have been smashing the Poms to all parts in a chase for quick runs. There was about 10-15 overs where they only scored about 25 runs where with the old ball and plenty of gaps should have been going at least 4 or 5 an over. Tell them to hit out or get out.

Not to mention he took far too long to declare (Going for Sangers 4x 150+ record maybe? Great effort though)

And yesterday Bell and Prior looked as comfortable as anyone ever would facing Murali on a 5th day (slow) turner in Kandy. No pressure around the bat, no stacking the cordon and pitching the ball up on off stump for the quicks, no real urgency by anyone really.

As for the Sidebottom decision (as it will know be known) there are "bad" decisions and there are "BAD" decisions. That safely falls into the BAD category.

It pains me to say this also, however Murali's late wickets yesterday on a track not giving him an absolute cakewalk were top class.

I haven't seen that famed footage where Murali bowled in a brace, but I'm tipping he wouldn't get too many wickets were he restricted by its...umm... restriction. It's as you two say, he doesn't chuck all the time, he chucks when he looks for extra turn.

That means the chances of him being called by an umpire or cited by the match ref when he chucks the occasional doozy of a doosra, while the majority of his balls are legal (or now legal), are next to fuck all.

If a dozen or so of his 700+ wickets taken are suspect, by implication, they ALL should be considered suspect. Try this trick. Hold your bowling arm out in front of you, palm down, arm out stretched. Rotate the wrist, as if you are turning a door knob. Note that with a straight arm, it has rotational movement through approx 270 degrees. Now, bend your arm to about 30 degrees and try it again. Note how much additional rotation can be achieved when the wrist/elbow total is taken into consideration. It's a significant increase of 'spin' that can potentially be imparted to a moving object. Now add that rotational force to 'finger spinning', and you can get a ball to do magic.

Tony he's a sad old man, who seems to find faults in any one young and talented.

And sledging and chesting are awesome, why would you ever want to take them out of the game.

I get the impression he's a bit of a bully; maybe even A LOT of a bully.

But at least he's less likely to get cosy with sportsmen than your average suck-up hack.

True dat.

Tony- i fail to see what this recent fuss is all about mate. The World leading test wicket taker changing hands ? As far as i can make out the leading BOWLERS in Test Cricket are as follows:-

1. SK Warne 708 Av 25.41
2. A Kumble 578 28.65
3.GD McGrath 563 21.64
4.CA Walsh 519 24.44
5.Kapil Dev 434 29.64

Gee willikres, that's such a great post!

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